Fake news is fake news.  Just like fake narratives of the mainstream media are so often just as fake as their news reporting.  Example, you ask?  One of NBC’s crack analysists looked at the election results in the Midterms and made a bold pronouncement:  Gun control is a “winning issue” for candidates.  

Clearly he didn’t interview Beto, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15” O’Rourke.

Among the Peacock Network’s top five takeaways from the 2022 midterms, as described by someone named Sahil Kapur, we find this gem . . .

Gun control is now a winning issue for Democrats
Fifty-six percent of 2022 voters support stricter gun control measures, while 40% oppose them, the NBC News Exit Poll found.

Claiming that gun control is a winning issue for Democrats on election day is an impressive amount of wishful thinking. Especially when just a couple of weeks ago, New York Times poll showed that gun policy — aka gun control — wasn’t a priority for 99% of Americans, whereas inflation and the economy were top-of-mind for almost half of Americans.

Obviously Stacey Abrams campaigned aggressively for gun control in Georgia yet she lost by seven points.

Oops. Maybe Sahil Kapur thinks she’s still the real governor of Georgia.

Meanwhile, Beto “Hell Yes, We’re Gonna Take Your AR-15” O’Rourke lost — yet again — by 11 points in Texas. Considering it was this third electoral failure in four years, funded by upwards of $200 million from mostly non-Texans speaks, volumes for gun control’s viability as a “winning issue.”


Yes, that’s a trifecta of losses from one of the most vocal advocates for outlawing America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, and the magazines that feed it. Yet Kapur claims gun control is a winning issue for Dems.

Then there’s Charlie “Spray Tan” Crist in Florida. There’s nary a gun control law that he opposes, and he was plenty vocal about it, too.


Crist lost by a whopping 19 points, a blowout. Sahil Kapur must have missed that race, too.

Because, you know, gun control is actually a winning issue for Democrats. Allegedly. In the same way that those protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin were “mostly peaceful” back in 2020.

Is it any wonder why more and more Americans are tuning out legacy media outlets and their fake news narratives?


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