Eighteen-year-old Marrell Tyler, pictured above, probably should have cultivated a habit of going to bed early. Instead, very late one recent night, he donned a ski mask, pulled a gun, and then entered someone else’s apartment in Kokomo, Indiana. 

He would later tell police that he entered the first door he found unlocked at 3:30a.m.

Once inside, he tried to rob the three men he found there. Tyler, however, soon learned they had a vote in the matter.  Turned out the vote was three against one.  And little Mr. Tyler learned another very important lesson.  

The three men in the apartment grabbed Marrell, disarmed him and then begged him to stop using his face to hit their fists. 

The three men’s morale failed to improve, so Mr. Marrell Tyler continued pummeling their fists with his face. 

When that failed to get the results Mr. Tyler wanted, cops say Mr. Tyler pulled a second gun…

Tyler managed to get a shot off before getting disarmed a second time.  And then round two of the beating commenced with great enthusiasm on the part of the would-be victims.

At that point, one of the residents accessed his own firearm and then held the aspiring felon for police when Mr. Tyler’s face called a truce against the mens’ fists.

As is plainly visible from the booking photo above, Mr. Tyler face was clear evidence of his poor victim selection abilities.

WTHR has the story . . .

The residents told police they fought the suspect and got the gun out of his hands after he entered, but the suspect pulled out another gun during the struggle. The residents again tried to get the gun out of his hands, and the gun went off in the process, but no one was injured.

At that point, one of the residents went to get his own gun and held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Marrell B. Tyler, of Merrillville, suffered multiple facial injuries during his altercations with the residents.

According to the probable cause affidavit acquired by our partners at the Kokomo Tribune, Tyler told his girlfriend he was going to a gas station, but ended up going into the nearby apartment because it was unlocked, even though he reportedly did not know any of the occupants of the apartment. The apartment’s residents also told police they did not know Tyler. 

Home carry is a thingReallySeriously. Practice it folks, along with the basics like…locking your front door. You never know when some hoodlum will invite themselves into your residence looking to commit a crime of opportunity.

What’s more, they might even have two guns.