Every once in a while, the mask slips on the mainstream media’s fake news narrative.  Frankly, it tends to happen within two to four weeks of an election as polling groups start to report more truthful numbers in order to save their reputations.  After all, if they kept touting the garbage polling they put out months ago, nobody would ever believe them!

Speaking of garbage polling… take for example those that suggested over 40% of Americans believe gun control is America’s top priority is revealed to be every bit as fake as it sounds.

Now, if you take a look under the hood of a new New York Times / Siena College poll, you can some of the real truth about guns.

Buried in the New York Times piece: the fact that 99% of Americans don’t see so-called “gun policies” as their biggest concern. And that fact bodes poorly for Michael “Daddy Bloombucks” Bloomberg and his paid working girl Shannon Watts.  What’s more, it also spells bad news for Democrats in incumbent positions touting gun control as one of their top tier campaign issues.

Put another way for those a little slower on the uptake, ninety-nine out of every hundred people didn’t shriek “gun control!” when asked what the biggest problem facing America is today.

From ZeroHedge . . .

Pre-midterm polls are rolling in as hot as inflation, and they’re bad news for Democrats. Yesterday, we noted that in the latest Harvard / Harris pollTrump would win vs. Biden if the 2024 election were held todayinflation is Americans’ top concern, and most people (62%) blame the current administration for high energy prices.

Also on Monday, the New York Times / Siena college poll found that momentum is clearly in Republicans’ favor going into midterms – and that Democrats are losing independent voters, particularly independent women, who went from favoring Democrats by 14 point to backing Republicans by 18 points.

And guess what the most important issues are to Americans? Not the climate. Not January 6. Not Covid (<.5%) The economy and inflation (44% combined vs. 36% in July). This is a mutual concern across all age groups, while the ‘Republiscums are the problem’ crowd (3%) skews heavily towards the ‘get off my lawn’ demographic.


Obviously Democrats can’t run on low gas prices, affordable food, good jobs, low crime, plentiful, affordable energy, a secure border or a strong economy. So instead, they’re running on gun control, abortion and Donald Trump.

Only now, polls of Americans’ priorities show that only a meager 9% of Americans care deeply about those three issues…combined. Is it any wonder that Dem campaign managers are quitting and the party is pulling spending on races formerly thought safe to defend districts formerly thought safer.

From PJ Media . . .

Some “safe seats” aren’t very safe anymore for suddenly vulnerable Democrats, and that has panicked PACs moving campaign dollars to protect previously invulnerable seats.

We’re down to the wire in Election 2022, and stuff just got real.

Today’s news takes us to deep blue Oregon, where onetime shoo-in Kurt Schrader just got the rug pulled out from under him by his own Democrat Party as he fights off Republican Amy Ryan Courser. According to AdImpact (as spotted by Josh Kraushaar), party ad spending for Schrader in the 5th district was shifted to the 6th to boost Andrea Salinas against Republican Mike Erickson.

Maybe you’re thinking this kind of thing happens all the time, and it does.

But it doesn’t often happen that Democrats appear to be writing off a district that Presidentish Joe Biden won in 2020 by nine points, to shore up a district that Biden won by 13 points.

If 10-and-up is the Democrats’ new firewall, they’re in bigger trouble than even I imagined. Complicating things even more for Oregon Democrats, gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek (looking to replace the outgoing and execrable Kate Brown) regularly polls behind Republican Christine Drazan.

Take nothing for granted. Make sure you go out and vote.


Make sure your right-thinking, higher-information friends, family and co-workers go vote.  You may need to anger them about their hot button issues to give them the proper motivation to take an hour to go vote on November 8th, but do it.

It might not even be gun rights.  It might be the high cost of gas and energy.  It might be the border.  Crime and violence might make them upset, especially if they’ve been the victim of crime.  Inflation, vaccine mandates, or the idiot in the White House of the wine-drinking queen of botox running the US House.  Push their buttons to get them to vote in this year’s midterm elections.  Especially if they’re the type who seldom votes.

The media, gun hating politicians and their globalist, freedom-hating cabal all want you, me and everyone else to think that voting doesn’t matter. They laugh at voting. “It’s not who you vote for, it’s who counts the votes,” they chuckle.

The media, gun hating politicians and their globalist, freedom-hating cabal are gaslighting us into thinking that we should just give up and surrender. They hope  we are the tiniest of snowflakes willing to give up and stay home at the slightest bit of feeling demoralized. Meanwhile, they shriek loudly that we are the greatest threat to America since the terrorists of 9/11.

Don’t buy it. Don’t fall for it. And don’t let your friends fall for it. Vote early if it makes you feel better.  Go vote and make sure those with at least half-a-brain around you also vote.

We aren’t a threat to America. We are a threat to them!