The above photo was taken at Asgard Guns in Crete, IL – roughly one block from the police station. A stolen vehicle from Chicagoland crashed through the building in an effort to access firearms inside.

The owner of Asgard guns is extremely proud that these would-be masked marauders made off with ZERO firearms.  The hoodlums didn’t make off with anything meaningful in value.  They certain did do a massive amount of damage though.  

But the gang bangers who pulled off this failed caper didn’t care.  Not one bit.  They know there is little likelihood of getting caught, and even if they’re caught, they’ll be sent home for a hug from their mama.

We at GSL aren’t sure if dealers are circulating news of these stolen vehicles used as battering rams against gun shops by aggressive burglars, but it’s happening with increasing regularity. This is probably the fourth or fifth instance we’ve seen in just the last couple of months in our state. Others have happened elsewhere across America.

If your shop doesn’t have bollards to thwart vehicular-borne attack at your retail space, installing them needs a place on your priority list – like yesterday.

Sure, spending a few thousand dollars to properly install barriers that will stop a group of desperados using a Buick as a battering ram will hurt, but plan to add a zero to that amount for repair of your structure in event of a stolen vehicle crashing into your place of business, plus lost business from the closure while you find a contractor (not easy) to make repairs. To say nothing of lost firearms.