Chicago has become the America’s new Wild West. Criminals do what they want with impunity, never giving a second thought to getting caught by police or meeting resistance from their victims.  After all, given the paucity of carry licenses in Chicago, they have about as much likelihood of running into a good guy with a gun as they do running into an off-duty cop.  Oh wait, that happens (though not often enough).

In recent days, a trio crashed their likely carjacked sedan on the Dan Ryan Expressway on the city’s south side. Instead of waiting for a police report, they abandoned the car and started running.


Whatever else they may have left in the car, the trio made sure to take their AR-style rifle with them, along with their masks. They then proceeded to run down Chicago’s busiest expressway to the next exit.

Hundreds of thousands of commuters use the Dan Ryan each day, so it didn’t take long before they found an inattentive driver who slowed and then stopped on the exit, effectively volunteering to be carjacked.


Here’s the video from Mogadishu on Lake Michigan . . .

CWB Chicago has the story . . .

Video emerged on social media this weekend of a man carjacking a driver while armed with a rifle on an expressway near downtown Chicago.

The footage shows three people running out of a car that was apparently involved in an auto accident along the outbound Dan Ryan Expressway just north of the Stevenson Expressway. Then one of them, wearing a black ski mask and toting a large weapon, tries to carjack passing vehicles.

The carjacker appears to offer a fistful of cash to the man who’s recording in exchange for a ride, but the man, who says he was on his way home from work, declines.

“Look at that rifle! “Look at that rifle!” yells the man.

Then, the carjacking occurred.

“He’s hijacking the car! He’s hijacking the car right now!”

The man recording the hijacking encourages the driver to speed away. Instead, the driver gets out, puts his hands in the air, and watches as the hijacker speeds off with their vehicle.

Given current sky-high violent crime rates, especially in deep-blue metropolitan areas without adequate police coverage and soft-on-crime Soros-funded prosecutors, drivers and pedestrians alike can’t be too careful. They must practice situational awareness and be prepared to use deadly force — either by firearm or by motor vehicle — to defend themselves against criminal predators.

Don’t rely on the police as they don’t have the manpower to respond in time to save anyone. Unlike the TV series, in the real world Chicago PD doesn’t have officers to respond to over half of the highest priority 911 calls. Instead those calls wait between 30 minutes and two hours for an officer to become available to take a report.


Carry your gun. The best tool for armed self-defense can be in your hand in moments when “help” is minutes — or maybe hours — away.

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  1. Until the FOID card law is repealed and the Checks and Balances between the good guys and the Bad guys is restored nothing will improve.

    Before the passage of the FOID card law there were approximately 200 gun shops in Chicago selling guns. Many of those shops sold guns through the mail, NO FOID cards or 4473 forms; Yet crime was Low !!!!!

    The men that wrote the Constitution understood the Need for a Checks and Balance in our society and the GOD given RIGHT of self-Defense.

    How is it the Founding Fathers got it right but today’s people have trouble understanding anything ?

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