If we look around us, there’s plenty of reasons to feel demoralized. The violent crime in Chicago is off the charts and property crime is rampant. Meanwhile the Illinois State Police are revoking FOIDs without due process seemingly almost as fast as they’re mailing out new ones. Heck, the ISP is even conducting gun confiscation raids.

What’s more, Biden’s FBI is conducting raids against peaceful protesters and his political opponents while Hunter Biden acts with impunity.

Pretty soon, in November, ghost gun possession will become illegal for a time in Illinois. Not only that but the consensus is that Democrats may pass a gun and magazine ban in the lame duck session in Springfield after the election.

Politically, our not-so-beloved billionaire governor looks unbeatable with his campaign war-chest overflowing tens of millions in cash. Nationally, if you’re in tune with “reports,” the “Red Wave” we heard about early this summer surely seems like it’s evaporating.

Take a deep breath.

Lean close, I have a secret to share with you.

Closer, please.

This “Red Wave” evaporating story is just another in a long list of mainstream media fake-news narrative to demoralize patriotic, pro-gun Americans. The media, gun hating politicians and their globalist, freedom-hating cabal all want you to think that voting doesn’t matter. They laugh at voting. “It’s not who you vote for, it’s who counts the votes,” they say.

They’re gaslighting us into thinking that you should just give up and surrender. They want to think you and your friends are the tiniest of snowflakes willing to give up and stay home. Meanwhile, they say you’re the greatest threat to America since the terrorists of 9/11.

Don’t buy it. Don’t fall for it. And don’t let your friends fall for it. Vote early if it makes you feel better.

You aren’t a threat to America. You’re a threat to them!

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