Tucker Carlson hosted Raul Mendez on his show recently to tell his incredible story of how he used his gun to stop a mass murderer this past Independence Day weekend in Arizona.  What’s even more remarkable was he did it after getting his left eye blown out after being shot in the head by the killer.

That’s right, hearing his wife’s pleas for help, Mendez regained consciousness enough to draw his gun, put it in the chest of the killer as others struggled to disarm the killer, and then fire four more or less contact shots to the bad guy’s chest.  The berserker killer didn’t fare so well and expired “DRT” – or “dead right there.” 

Those four shots ended the carnage. In the process, he saved other innocent lives including those of his wife and daughters.  Of course, his story didn’t make the New York Times or the CBS Evening News.  Or CNN or MSNBC.  Or pretty much any other mainstream media outlet.

Now, after months of recovery, he’s able to recount what happened that day . . .

Tucker Carlson, clearly stunned after Mendez described what happened that night, asked if Mendez had some sort of special training to pull off such a remarkable feat. “I have no professional training,” was he reply from Mendez.

Mr. Mendez recognized some valiant heroics from others present at the time, including two women who fought with the attacker giving Mendez time to recover his wits, draw his gun and stop the threat.

The NRA is promoting Mendez’s story and for good reason.

The mainstream media love to cover — mostly with a pillow — stories that run counter to their narratives. Armed citizens stopping attackers isn’t one of their approved storylines.

As Mr. Mendez states in the NRA-produced video, over 1 million people used firearms to defend themselves and their families every year. And according to the latest, most comprehensive survey, the annual number is almost 1.7 million.

Mendez’s story is one that should be shared. Kudos to him for surviving the attack, including a gunshot wound to the head, and putting an end to a crazed killer’s carnage.  Raul Mendez stands as a bona fide American hero.