Imagine a single American city that in less than nine months tallies more homicides than 37 entire states had in all of 2020. That’s Chicago. Otherwise known as Chiraq, or Mogadishu on Lake Michigan.  Or you can call it a crime-ridden cesspool for short.  Lori Lightfoot’s domain, home of the “Summer of Joy” (or was it “Summer of Love”?) has now blown the 550th homicide total for the year.  Trying to nail down the grand total is difficult as it’s a moving target, no pun intended.

What used to happen in most cities when they experienced historical levels of homicides? Police worked to investigate, arrest, and prosecute the criminals who commit the majority of violent crimes.

But not on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s watch. Or that of the Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Or the corrupt party machine that has run Chicagoland for generations.  Instead of arresting criminals and jailing them in an effort to make the city’s streets safer, they have defunded police (while Lightfoot maintains a 90-officer strong protective detail) and made cops’ jobs tougher.

How bad is it? Generations of strict gun control laws, only recently relaxed with Illinois’ Concealed Carry Act, have kept firearm ownership by good people to a minimum. That’s made victims easy marks for violent criminals.

What’s worse, thanks to the “no snitch” culture, less than 15% of murder suspects are identified, much less arrested. It was only 13.52% as of Sept. 1st to be more precise. And last year, over half of identified suspects weren’t even prosecuted.

Earlier this year, one of those uncharged murders included a man with 33 arrests who cops say shot another man five times then used a hammer to strike the now-dying man at least twenty times in the head.  State’s Attorney Kim Foxx refused to charge the case, citing self-defense.

In just the past few days, one woman was robbed of her shoes while she waited on Lake Shore Drive for her driver to return with gas for the car.

In another case, a man wounded in an earlier gun battle – out on “affordable bail” on another felony arrest – engaged in a rolling gun battle after a road rage incident.  He was only – “only” – the 36th suspect accused of shooting or killing another person while out on affordable bail so far this year.  At least 79 victims have gained perforations (or been set afire) thanks to accused felons out on “affordable” bail pre-trial release.  18 of those have died.

As for the remaining residents, calling 9-1-1 isn’t really an option. Last year, dispatchers didn’t have enough cops to answer over half of the highest priority 9-1-1 calls, including over 1350 shooting victims, 887 stabbing victims and 14000 and change violent domestic calls.

And they wonder why they’ve got a crime problem in Chicago.

In even worse news, Illinois’ No Cash Bail law kicks in on January 1st.

At that point, under the new “Purge” law, unless there’s a specific threat made against a specific person, the accused must be released without posting a penny for bail.  These include crimes like Second Degree Murder, drug-induced homicide, arson, aggravated battery, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated DUI, drug offenses and theft, just to name a few.  Oh yeah, did we mention armed robbery as well?

(Sidebar:  JB Pritzker tried to sell this “No Cash Bail” Purge Law as a bill to solve the problem of a single mother held in jail because she shoplifted diapers…  it’s funny that’s how he chooses to portray a bill that releases kidnappers, armed robbers, arsonists and second degree murderers without them posting a nickel of bail money!)

In fact, some have noted that police may hold a suspect on a domestic violence arrest if they threaten their domestic partner.  On the other hand, if they kill their partner, they’re no longer a threat to a specific (living) person and as such, they should be released under the new No Cash Bail law.

We’ll be covering this more in the coming months. In the meantime, know that Chicago simply isn’t safe. For anyone.  Anywhere.  At any time.

Unless you’re Mayor Lori Lightfoot or her wife with your 90-officer protective detail.  Chicago’s such a cesspool that Lightfoot leaves every Friday afternoon for her place in Michigan, and then returns Monday morning.  That’s how much Lori Lightfoot loves Chicago Murder City USA.


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  1. 553 as of today. I thought it was 554 yesterday. Maybe they brought someone back.

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