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by John Boch
Earlier this year, before the primaries I wrote of my concerns with Kathy Salvi based upon how her husband treated 2A supporters who worked so hard on his campaign for the same office back in the mid-1990s.

She called and we had a good conversation.  For 60-some minutes plus some follow-on texts and conversations.  She admitted that Al was a little gullible back then and was misled by someone he thought was his friend. Since then, he’s learned a valuable lesson about who real friends really are.  She and Al, she assured me, are true 2A patriots.

Now saying that is one thing, but what caused me to think it was deeper than just words was that she was aware of problems within the NRA involving Wayne LaPierre. She knew some of the specifics and frankly, there’s a lot of everyday gun owners who have no idea of some of the stuff going on with LaPierre and his purges of critics from the NRA’s Board.

The Salvi’s donated some serious money – like six figures serious – to the NRA to open a new account at a new bank when they lost their old bank due to cancel culture.  And they made sure LaPierre couldn’t misuse it.  They didn’t make a big deal of it then and they aren’t making a big deal about it now.

So I think it fair to say that when Kathy Salvi says she’s not going to sell gun owners down the river, I think you can take that to the bank.

3 thoughts on “SHE’S THE REAL DEAL PRO-GUN: Kathy Salvi isn’t her husband from 25 years ago…”
  1. 6 figure donation to the NRA ?

    In Illinois the left would use that size of donation as a tool against her in the election.

    If they have that kind of money; I would like to see her help create a “NEW” Hard Core Gun Lobby in Illinois to repeal the FOID and restore other lost gun rights.

    The old lobby is starting to scare me. They seem to lack an understanding of Liberty.

    1. I’m pretty sure GSL has a suit looking to strike down the FOID Act a couple of years ago or more. GSL didn’t support the FOID Modernization bullshit either that ISRA gave us.

  2. So long as she’s learned from her husband’s mistakes, all the better. All I know is that Tammy Duckworth isn’t worth what I flushed down the toilet this morning.

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