We know a lot of county sheriffs in Illinois have some serious reservations about all the accused felons they’re going to have to release on January 1st, 2023 under the new “No Cash Bail” law that Democrats passed in the dead of night on the last day of the lame-duck veto session in early 2021.   We call it the “No Cash Bail Act” as it eliminates cash bail for almost all crimes.  Others call it “The Purge” Law.  Either way, you get the idea.

We’ve reported on some of the bad guys from a single county, and there’s another 101 counties releasing inmates.  Most counties will turn loose about half of their currently held inmates, and a few are closer to 2/3rds.

At Guns Save Life, we’re famous for making lemonade out of lemons when it comes to Illinois gun control schemes.  Now, some of our members have come up with the perfect solution to this new law’s implementation.  Think of it as making lemonade out of lemons for our Land of Lincoln sheriffs.

Sheriffs:  Don’t just cut these folks loose from your local county jails and endanger people in your communities in your county.  Instead, rent a bus and deliver them to the nearest state senator or state representative who voted for the No Cash Bail Act.

And for those sheriffs who really want to make an impression, we would recommend dropping them off out front of 1431 N. Astor Street in Chicago’s high-rent district.  That’s pretty close to our fearless Governor J.B. Pritzker’s home.

Heck, even if ol’ JB loses the November election, he’ll still be governor on January 1st.  

Don’t want to ship them that far and don’t have anyone in your county who voted for HB3653?  Just drive them a county or three over and drop them off there.  Here’s a list of legislators who voted YES on the “Purge Law” back in the lame duck veto session in 2020.

Want to know their home addresses?  Visit the Illinois State Board of Elections candidate disclosure search page.  Enter your favorite candidate and viola!

There you go.  A great destination for those in East Central Illinois.  

Or, if the line of buses out front of Carol Ammons’ house is too long, perhaps a short drive over to Champaign to Senator Scott Bennett’s home would provide an outstanding alternative destination.

Just pull those buses up, bring the inmates out, remove their handcuffs and then drive away.

Make these soft-on-crime Democrat politicians – some of the same people who are consistently voting against your right to keep and bear arms and many of whom are also voting to defund the police in other ways as well – make them live with the consequences of their votes.  Ditto, to a lesser degree, for the people who elected these reps and senators.

Their votes are endangering our families.  Why shouldn’t their families feel equally endangered as well?  After all, isn’t that what “equity” is all about?

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  1. Amen! There’s a few up this way who could use a busload or five outside their homes at midnight on New Year’s. See if they bring them hot cocoa or call the cops to move them along. My money’s on calls the police

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