Scott Preston won his primary race for State Representative in the 91st district with the help of “Dear Leader” Jim Durkin.

Who the hell is Jim Durkin?  He’s the House minority leader.  He demands legislators address him as “Leader Durkin.”  Because, after all, he’s such a great narcissistic “dear leader.”

Under Durkin’s “leadership” (chuckle) the pro-gun Republicans in the Illinois House have fallen to super-minority status.  What sort of decisions does Lil’ Jimmy make?  He directs a whole lot of House Republican campaign cash along with other party resources.

I’ve met Jim.  I had a meeting with some pro-gun folks in his office space in the capitol building.   We were talking strategy amongst ourselves in a corner, seated.   When he came by, he welcomed us like we were smelly homeless bums.  I could have sworn he asked an aide what in the f*** we were doing there, but I haven’t yet got my lip-reading certification. 

Yeah, we were not real welcome, but he couldn’t really kick us out because some of the folks there directed five-figures or more of funding to House Republican campaign funds – $$ that Dear Leader controls.

For example, under Dear Leader Jimmy Durkin, the Illinois Republican party sent out FIVE campaign mailers promoting Scott Preston during the primary season.  Yeah, so instead of letting the voters pick their candidate and then spending those resources to win the general, Durkin spent big trying to place a loyalist in the seat.   Meanwhile, what did Mr. Fisher, the solid, pro-gun candidate get during the primary season?  Durkin’s people hung up on Fisher when he called for help.

Or did I mention that Preston used a stock family photo during the primary campaign instead of a photo of him and his wife?

Scott doesn’t have two kids though.  He’s got a just-born baby.

Look, there’s the same pretend family!  And below, there he is again.  And he buttoned the top button on his polo.  Can you spell dork?

And no, Scottie doesn’t work for Bubba Collins Insurance, Inc.

And now that little Scottie (or do you prefer “Scotty”?) is running a pretty much invisible campaign for State Representative.  

And here’s one of his latest mailings.


Hey Scott, go self-procreate with a rusty chainsaw.

You just trashed your campaign.

If you live in the 91st District, don’t mark your ballot for anyone who won’t categorically support your gun rights.  Otherwise, expect a knife in the back next year.

Or, alternatively, if you really want to thank Scott for his Quisling stance on gun rights, you can opt for Sharon Chung.  At least you know what you get with her.  Well, when she’s not hiding her radical beliefs from voters.