Female genital mutilation.  “Gender Affirmation” for children to get their breasts removed, sterilization surgery.  Abortion right up until birth. 

Chicago has gone all in with social justice poker.  It’s odd how “bodily autonomy” is so important with regard to abortion, genital mutilation for religious reasons and transgender stuff, but personal autonomy about masking or vaccinations is still under the purview of these same people.

And, on yeah, where’s the “Sanctuary” ordinance for protecting the Second Amendment?  We all know Murder City USA has made itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens – and then when Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott send a couple of buses full of them up from the border, Lori Lightfoot and friends ship them off to the suburbs.

Back to guns…  Chicago has a gang problem.  A massive gang problem.  Political hacks love to redirect attention from the gang problem, labelling it “gun violence” but guns don’t go out and kill people.  People kill people.  Does anyone except a simpleton think that someone who thinks so little about life, social norms and laws against murder is going to comply with laws about FOID cards, gun free zones,  waiting periods, carry licenses, or Glock switches?   

Wirepoints has the story about Chicago’s latest foray into wokeness politics:

In the US and around the world, it’s rapidly becoming among the most emotionally charged and contentious issues of the day.

To supporters, it’s gender affirmation for children who think they were born into the wrong body and should be given puberty blockers, mastectomies or other surgery.

To opponents, its nothing less than child abuse, body mutilation and medical malpractice.

Battles now rage over it in courts and legislatures across America and among medical and ethical professionals.

Chicago, however, has made its decision, not just for itself but for the rest of the world.

It went mostly unnoticed in last week’s declaration by the Chicago City Council to become an abortion sanctuary, but the new city ordinance also covers, with no regard for age, “gender-affirming care.” By that it means as “all services, supplies, drug therapies, and other care that an individual may receive to support and affirm the individual’s gender identity.”

The ordinance bans cooperation by any city official or worker, including Chicago police, with any other jurisdiction’s effort to investigate or enforce a matter that conflicts with Chicago’s idea of bodily autonomy, “regardless of whether such law is stylized as a charge relating to homicide, child abuse, or any other charge that is pretext for enforcing such a restrictive law.”

By the way, the city of genital mutilation, abortion until birth and “gender affirming” care is at 540 homicides for the year.  Oh wait, maybe we can just explain those away as post-birth abortions.