GSL has a new member. A very thankful new member. Sergio Nuci, a concealed carry license holder, was arrested by Chicago PD for violating Chicago’s black rifle ban following a traffic stop earlier this year.

Pistols are exempt from local regulation under the Illinois Concealed Carry License Act. Under the law, cops should have put the gun back into its case and sent him on his way.

Instead, cops on scene ignored the law and made an arrest. Later city prosecutors also ignored the law and attempted to intimidate Mr. Nuci into accepting a guilty plea for Chicago’s gun ban ordinance violation.  They even wanted him to spend 90 days in jail as part of the plea offer.  90 days!  

He later hired an attorney and pled not guilty – a no-braining considering the offer from the city involved jail time, a hefty fine, community service and a forfeiture of his property. If prosecutors were only so aggressive in cases of aggravated kidnapping and rape

Incredibly, the receiver even had the word “PISTOL” engraved upon it and the evidence logs described the pistol as a “handgun.”

Mr. Nuci contacted GSL after posting about his bad experience on Reddit. Users there suggested he contact Guns Save Life for help. Even though his trial was less than 24 hours away, both Mr. Nuci and his attorney consulted with GSL’s Executive Director John Boch who offered some helpful recommendations and answered questions about litigation just before 10pm.

Mr. Nuci’s next communication came a couple of hours after his scheduled trial time. “NOT GUILTY.”

We’ll keep you apprised as to Mr. Nuci’s next step. He’s still seeking return of his pistol. Chicago City Attorneys would probably we wise to facilitate the gun’s prompt return. After all, as it stands currently, Mr. Nuci probably has a pretty good case against the arresting officers, prosecutors and the city for violating Section 1983 of the US Code: Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Color of Authority.