by John Boch
GSL Executive Director

LaSalle County launches!
Guns Save Life hosted the inaugural meeting of the LaSalle County chapter that marks our eighth regional meeting each month.

What’s even more amazing is that we’ve got serious inquiries about launching meetings in Kankakee and Lake County (north of Chicago) as people have seen news of the LaSalle County event.

Those would bring us up to ten monthly meetings, keeping gun owners educated, energized and enthusiastic about our gun rights fight.

As far as I know, only Oklahoma has more grassroots gun rights chapters in the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK 2A) organization. I like to say that if every state had a Guns Save Life organization (or an OK 2A group), America would be a safer place with strong gun rights.


A great time to be alive!
Frankly, with the Bruen decision coming down as it did, this has become a great time to be alive! Big changes are coming and GSL members are going to be a part of that.

Along those lines, transitioning to litigation, the first round of pleadings on our motion for a summary judgement in the FOID challenge have been submitted. The State of Illinois responded with an 87-page report by a Fordham University professor explaining that even in the post-Bruen world, the FOID Act is constitutional.

If you’re blood pressure is a little low, you can read it at Guns Save Life’s website. The professor included a twelve-page resume explaining how great he is. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if he was gorging himself on the “infused” brownies or gummy bears from his local cannabis dispensary as he wrote his “report.”

What’s more, he’s got a proven track record of fabricating “facts” then effectively claiming that his dog ate his research notes when asked to show his research.

But when you’ve got nothing (show me a state that had a FOID Act in 1791, or even 1891), you grasp at straws. Obviously Kwame’s office is trying to throw enough fecal matter at the wall trying to get some of it to stick.


Coming actions.
In the coming months, we may ask individual members to step up as individual plaintiffs instead of using GSL as an organizational plaintiff.

It will require courage and I’ll tell you why… Because AG Kwame’s attorneys have been aggressive bordering on abusive on discovery.

Want an example? On GSL’s suit challenging the constitutionality of the FOID Act, the State of IL wanted a list of all my guns. Even the ones I’ve lost in boating accidents. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. They also wanted descriptions, serial numbers and invoices for my home gun safes!

I wondered if they were trying to set me up for a “minor with access to firearms” criminal charge. Of course if your kids (like mine) have FOID cards, that exempts you from our state’s gun storage law requirements. They didn’t know about the boys’ FOIDs at the time. I mean, after all, how many parents get a FOID for their kids long before they can walk?

Cesspool Chicago.
Thanks in large part to the Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Chicago is increasingly becoming a lawless cesspool of violent crime.

Unlike the TV series Chicago PD, the real CPD solves very few crimes for a host of reasons. For example, these including identifying suspects in fewer than 5% of non-fatal shootings and fewer than 15% of homicides.

Even among that sad clearance rate identifying suspects in murders, Kim Foxx doesn’t prosecute about half of the homicide cases Chicago PD does solve. Remember the felon with an illegal revolver who shot a man who made a homosexual pass at him, then beat his skull with a hammer for at least twenty blows? Recall that case was ruled a clear-cut case of self-defense by Kim Foxx!

Add onto all of that how 911 dispatchers don’t have cops available to respond for over 50% of the highest priority 911 calls (like oh, shootings, stabbings and violent domestics to name a few…) Is it any wonder why bad guys run amok without worry in Murder City USA?

[Tucker Carlson has a great segment on the collapse of civilization in Chicago… here]

No Cash Bail coming!
But wait! After January 1st, our state’s “No Cash Bail” law will kick in and unless a bad guy has threatened one or more specific people, only then may they be held on bail.

Now, if the bad guy kills the person he (or she) threatened, they MUST be released without bail, since they are no longer a threat to a dead person. Welcome to Illinois!

The bottom line: You’re on your own. You are you own first responder. Chicago PD has a lot of really great people working the streets, but they can’t be everywhere.

Protect yourself and your family. Kim Foxx isn’t going to do it. She’s too busy protecting criminals and treating victims with contempt.

Lori Lightfoot’s not going to protect you and Governor Pritzker, aka Jelly Bean? Laugh out loud.