A MODERN DAY O.K. CORRAL, MINUS THE GOOD GUYS: A gang shootout in downtown Chicago – part of the “nicer” part of Chicago – is captured by surveillance camera from August 6th. This turned into a double homicide as the gentleman in the pink hoodie (upper right in frame) firing his gun completed the room temperature challenge as well thanks to one of his pals shooting him the back.

Chicago has become America’s Wild West. Generations of strict gun control have not made the Windy City a peaceful, bucolic utopia. Far from it. Chicago isn’t safe, for anyone.

Take a shootout on south Clark Street.

Chicago’s 433 homicides to date represent more homicides than 31 entire state and the District of Columbia tallied in the entire year of 2020. In fact, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s crime-ridden city has had more murders than a dozen entire states combined had in all of 2020.

With scores of people shot every weekend, and police solving fewer than five percent of non-fatal shootings since 2017, criminals feel free to pretty much pull their guns and shoot it out as if in a Wild West movie produced by Hollywood.

After all, criminals know their odds of getting arrested remain low. Last year, with Chicago Police so short-staffed, over half of the highest priority 911 calls didn’t have officers available to respond to them. That included over 1300 shooting scenes and almost 900 stabbings.

What’s more, would-be killers face an even lower likelihood of prosecution by Cook County’s Soros-funded prosecutor.

Chicago police last year solved about 15% of murders, yet Cook County State’s Attorney declined to file charges in about half of those cases.

The bottom line is that generations of strict gun control have disarmed victims, not criminals. These anti-gun laws have been used against people of color as well.

That’s not surprising as gun control has racist roots from even before the Revolutionary War.

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