Bang bang bang.  We all know that civilization has collapsed in Chicago to the point that the young criminals with guns run with impunity.  However, when shots rang out across the street from the Chicago FIRE production set Wednesday afternoon – while they were filming for the hit NBC series – it shook them up a little.  After all, one of the rounds ricocheted off their production gear.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the entire cast was present for production.  And that they were mid-shoot on a scene for the show?

Welcome to Murder City USA.

The suspect fired shots at another group of people and then left in a dark colored SUV.  The shooting suspect and the driver didn’t fear the eight Chicago cops on site to protect the cast and crew from theft, robberies or other assorted bad things.  The bad guys knew the cops wouldn’t chase them because of the well-publicized “no chase” policy.

Again, it’s the collapse of civilization.

CWB Chicago has the run-down:

A gunman opened fire just yards from where NBC’s Chicago Fire television show was filming on Chicago’s West Side this afternoon, according to law enforcement and industry sources. No injuries were reported, but a film industry source said the “full cast” was on-scene, and three cameras were rolling when the gunfire broke out around 1:55 p.m.

The hit show’s crew was filming exterior shots at A.A. Rayner and Son’s Funeral Home, 5911 West Madison, when a man began shooting from the opposite corner, a source said.

Law enforcement officers were already on the scene to provide security for the film set, and one of them called out shots fired on the local police radio channel. Listen:

Audio source:

The gunman, a Black male with braids, walked out of an alley and “fired several shots at people” while standing on the northwest corner of Madison and Mason, according to the cop.

He said the shooter jumped into a black SUV and fled through an alley after firing. It’s not clear who the “people” were that the officer saw the gunman firing toward.

Tucker Carlson opened his show earlier this week with a discussion of how far Chicago has fallen and how the Democrats running the show have abandoned the people.  It’s worth the watch.

People are more likely to be the victims of crime than criminals are likely to be caught, according to Carlson.

Welcome to Chicago.