Governor Pritzker is furious over the Highland Park massacre. He also called mass shootings a uniquely American plague, even though the US ranks 64th of 97 among countries who report their mass public shootings.

As Pritzker and other politicians rushed to the area to appear for a photo op before the bodies were cold – and to prattle on about guns – none of them mentioned the 92 people shot and 15 killed on the streets of Chicago over the July 4th holiday weekend.

These political hacks all agree “we” (always the euphemistic “we”) have to “do something” from the President on down. Okay Pritzker, Duckworth, Durbin, Lightfoot and others that wish to tear up the Constitution, how about this:

Take this [scumbag’s name redacted] guy, indict him for “heinous” murder, try him within three months, and sentence him to death. Then execute him in the gas chamber within a year and record it in glorious 4k high definition and make it available for public viewing on local TV and on YouTube. Let everyone see the final consequence of heinous criminal activity.

Before you pee your pants in horror over little snowflakes seeing someone put to death for egregious violent behavior, you better realize they see death every day in movies and video games. South side Chicago kids see it in real life, up close and personal on the streets, on a regular basis.

So politicos, instead of bloviating against guns which are only a tool like a hammer or a fire extinguisher, do something meaningful. Implement rapid public executions for venal crimes such as this. When fighting cancer, you don’t compromise. You destroy it.

Bill Klein
Springfield, Illinois

2 thoughts on “Mass public shooters should be put to death… publicly”
  1. Never happen with these idiots.
    To them, criminals are the victims and victims are the criminals.
    The biggest idiots are the ones who keep voting for them.

  2. Well I don’t know about using the gas chamber. How about using the least expensive way. Build a gallows out of good used wood and then by new piece of rope and you can reuse it for at lease a few times

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