For all of you dads with daughters or granddaughters, here’s a story for you.

Some guys just won’t take “no” for an answer.  Even the men your daughters/granddaughters might date.  Exactly that happened in Shelby County, Ohio on Sunday, July 31st.  Instead of spending his Sunday morning in church, James Rayl, 22, spent his last Sunday morning on this mortal coil at his ex-girlfriend’s house (see above screen capture).

Yes, he wanted to see her.  Or that’s what he said.

His actions suggested that – at best – he wanted to beat her around.  At worst, he might have showed up with the idea in his head that if he couldn’t have her, nobody else would either.

In any event, he’s captured on the Ring doorbell camera becoming increasingly agitated that nobody would open the door for him.  He knew his ex- was inside.  He could hear her voice.  He could probably see her through the glass panels in the door.

He also heard dear old dad telling little Jimmy to get lost and don’t come back.

Before the young man lost his cool and a lot more, he stood outside the door for a while contemplating life.  Meanwhile, Dad warned Mr. Rayl to leave.  Again.  Dad even warned the ex-boyfriend that he (the dad) would shoot if Mr. Rayl forced entry.

It seems young Jimmy decided that he didn’t care and forced the door open with his shoulder.  Whereupon, dad fired three times, mostly through the door.

When the gunfire started, Mr. Rayl turned and walked in a very peculiar, Gumby-like fashion before sitting down.  And then he laid down to think about the error of his ways before he met Jesus not too much later.

Here’s the video (hat tip to Miguel Gonzales over at the Gun Free Zone.)

WDTN has the story.

SHELBY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – A homeowner who fatally shot a Sidney man trying to breaking into his home will not be charged.

Shelby County Prosecutor Tim Sell said a grand jury declined to go forward with charges against the man for the incident on Sunday, July 31 that led to the death of 22-year-old James Rayl…

Rayl started beating on the door of the home where his ex-girlfriend lives, and the homeowner told him to leave and that he had a gun, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Rayl then shouldered the door several times, eventually breaking the door open and started to enter the home. Once Rayl entered, the homeowner fired three rounds. Rayl staggered back to the front of the garage where he fell.

It’s a shame that Mr. Rayl didn’t move on with his life after his relationship ended.  Then again, it’s far more fortunate that the ex-girlfriend had a father who embraced the proven benefits of firearm ownership as opposed to pacifism.

More here…

In the NBC story, the deceased door-buster Mr. Rayl’s sister says he was busting down that door to “look out” for his ex-girlfriend.  Uh, yeah.

And check out the chyron on the NBC report.  

“Attempted to push the door open”?  He broke the doorjam forcing the door open by shouldering it!  He broke into the house like the big bad wolf.  Unfortunately for him, the girlfriend’s dad had the appropriate tool in hand for dealing with a home intruder who had just violently and tumultuously “pushed” the door open.  

Scumbag mainstream media and their fake news narratives.

We hope the victim family recovers from this horrific attack and can find some normalcy in their lives in the aftermath of this defensive gun use.

As for Mr. Rayl’s family and those like them?  Let this be a valuable life lesson in how not to raise your boys.