(GSL) – You’ve all probably heard of the Baby Shark children’s song from your kids or grandkids. That particular tune now has over 10 billion YouTube views.

We’re not going to torture you with a link to it.

Not long ago, our longtime friend and Second Amendment advocate Liz Bron had the idea for a children’s song from when she and her husband would take their two young grandsons for a ride around Lake Springfield in the evening to count deer.

Using her pen name “Nana Liz” she wrote I See Deer and after that, a pair of companion books, I See Deer and Meet the Deer for young kids.

In the professionally produced music video for the tune, “Nana Liz” drives an antique British road car, a 1952 MG TD, through the woods while animated deer pop out of her rear-view mirror.

Since the song’s release, one thing led to another and James May of the hit BBC TV program Top Gear posted a YouTube video of him giggling as he opens a package while I See Deer is playing on his computer. The song seems stuck in his head as he opens other packages while singing or humming I See Deer.

There is a word for when a song gets stuck in someone’s head. It is called an “earworm.” Clearly James May has an I See Deer earworm.

Nana Liz reported that I See Deer’s views skyrocketed following the James May video until they abruptly stopped. Why?

Well, perhaps because three of the deer in her book Meet the Deer are named with a wink to her fellow 2A friends! She suspects the deer named Henry, Winchester and Daisy generated complaints that were enough to cause YouTube to shadow ban the video.

You can find it by searching for “I See Deer” on YouTube (or add James May for that video). Show it to your young kids or grandkids (or great grandkids…) They’ll love it.

Liz says to check out the ISeeDeer.net website as well.