Everyone knew Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “Census Cowboy” was all hat and no cattle.  But it turns out, it was much worse than that.

Lightfoot appointed someone named Adam Hollingsworth, aka the “Dread Head Cowboy” to be the city’s “Census Cowboy” to encourage participation in the 2020 Census. In his spare time, Hollingsworth also rode his horse to protest gang “gun violence,” shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Adam Hollingsworth.


It’s ironic — even by Chicago standards — that Lori Lightfoot chose a man who’d been arrested nine times (just in Chicago) at the time he was hired, including a felony gun conviction and a pending domestic violence arrest, to serve as an ambassador of the city. How’s that for vetting?

Before Hollingsworth snagged the $1000-a-day gig with Lightfoot, Hollingsworth worked as a stripper “exotic dancer” and a boxer.

In that September 2020 interstate protest to keep poor inner-city residents of Chicago on the gun control plantation, Hollingsworth livestreamed the whole thing as he rode his horse on a 7-mile ride, mostly galloping. He called his anti-“gun violence” protest the “#kidslivesmatter” movement.

The problem was, the anti-gun publicity stunt critically injured the animal. The so-called cowboy didn’t properly saddle his horse. Even worse, he rode a horse without shoes on pavement. For miles. In the summer heat.

Guess what? The horse collapsed more than once on the 7-mile “ride.” The Independent Sentinel detailed injuries to the animal . . .

The horse did not have on proper shoes for the pavement, which caused bleeding and “extensive damage” to its health. Police began following and then the horse collapsed.

The horse suffered greatly from extreme dehydration, overheating, and lacerations to its front legs that caused “profuse” bleeding.

“The horse’s eyes were dilated to the point they looked like cartoon eyes,” Deboni said.

His attorney said Hollingsworth loves and cares for animals. If that’s the case, he’s simply a moron.

In a video posted to Facebook, Hollingsworth could be seen riding down the expressway with a motorcycle escort and yelling “kids lives matter.”

“All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,” he wrote on Facebook ahead of the ride.

That earned Hollingsworth a felony charge of animal cruelty to add to his growing rap sheet. He has since pled guilty. CWB Chicago has the story . . .

Adam “Dreadhead Cowboy” Hollingsworth pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal cruelty Friday, bringing a sudden end to a 16-month saga that began when he rode a horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway, nearly resulting in the animal’s death from exhaustion, according to prosecutors.

Judge Michael McHale sentenced him to one year in prison, but also gave Hollingsworth credit for 232 days he spent on electronic monitoring while the case was pending. Hollingsworth is not expected to serve any prison time after receiving the state’s standard 50% “good behavior” sentence reduction.

In September 2020, two months after the city contracted with Hollingsworth to drum up participation in the decennial census as Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “Census Cowboy,” the 34-year-old took his newfound fame and one of his horses on the road — literally.

Police arrested Hollingsworth after he live-streamed his 7-mile ride up the expressway while allegedly whipping and kicking his horse, NuNu, to keep it going. Hollingsworth said his stunt was a “kids lives matter” protest.

Two veterinarians who later examined the horse said it “suffered greatly, bled profusely,” collapsed repeatedly, and was not correctly saddled and cushioned, a prosecutor said during Hollingsworth’s initial bond hearing. One veterinarian reportedly told investigators that NuNu’s treatment was equivalent to “making an 80-year-old woman run a full marathon.”

So there you have it.  Chicago’s Mayor hires a man accused of domestic battery with a felony gun conviction to promote census participation. The same guy also moonlights at anti-gun protests in Murder City, USA promoting gun control. He claims to be a cowboy, but cannot even properly saddle a horse. Then he rides that horse without shoes on a 7-mile ride on pavement in the summer heat that almost killed the animal.

Have these gun control people no shame? Are they blindingly ignorant? Or are they just evil?