Ignoring the questions of why a 13-year-old kid is hanging out on the streets with bad people and an illegal gun at 2am, Chicago Police released video from their investigation of the death of Adam Toledo.  A police officer shot the teen as he turned towards the officer initially with a gun in his hand. 

Now, the family seeks not only a scalp from the cop, but a big payout from the city.  A REALLY BIG payout… $80 million dollars worth.

From MSN:

Jáuregui also asked Mayor Lori Lightfoot to invest federal COVID-19 dollars to help Latino youth in Adam’s neighborhood. He suggested adding 300 more counselors and 500 more social workers to schools to support Latino youth, who he said have been “traumatized” by police shootings.  

Jáuregui called for an $80 million investment into the Little Village neighborhood where Adam, a 13-year-old of Mexican descent, lived and died.

Here’s the uncut video.   Warning:  Very graphic and NSFW.

Meanwhile, one of Chicago’s non-profits that pays the bail to spring sometimes violent arrestees from jail paid the bail for the Latin King gang member who allegedly gave young Mr. Toledo the gun.


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  1. Is there a “no bail” policy for any “accused” police officer, doing his job and wanting to go home after his shift if he has to shoot a perp resisting arrest trying to take his firearm to shoot him? NA, he is guilty because he is “anti-crime”.

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