The 761st Gun Club in Chicago has organized a Cook County Gun Owners Lobby Day on Friday, April 30th at 10a.m.   It will be held at the Richard J. Daley Center (50 W. Washington Street) in downtown Chicago.

The weather forecast is about 50 degrees and mostly sunny, at least according to the geniuses at Facebook where the 761st has posted the event (at least until the FB overlords take it down).

Here’s there description from the Facebook event page:

We at the 761st Gun Club want all of the citizens of Cook County to attend Cook County Gun Owner Lobby Day. We will fight for our rights as legal gun owners in this county. We welcome all to protest and rally against the unjust laws in this county and statewide.

Here is the EventBrite registration page (the event is free).

Who is the 761st Gun Club?

Here’s a nice video from



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