(GSL) – Acting like tyrants, America’s big tech companies deplatformed all manner of opposing viewpoints from their services in January. They deleted a number of accounts, including those of President Trump, AR15.com, Second City Cop and plenty of others. Their censorship of Americans’ free speech rights is, in our view, unacceptable.

Does anyone thing these oligarchs who run these companies care about Second Amendment rights when they so brazenly block First Amendment protections?

Facebook has banned individuals for nothing more than posting images of guns. And they’ve taken down whole communities like the Illinois Gun Owners Together group with a mouse click or two without cause.

Even for groups like Guns Save Life on Facebook, while they haven’t banned us as of this writing, they’ve throttled the reach of our posts to a trickle.  We have about 7900 likes, all organic. A decade ago, our posts would be seen by thousands within a hours. Today, we can post an important story and it’s seen by hundreds over a week or two.  Even with engagements like sharing, we might have fifty or one hundred people sharing the story with their friends but we still have less than a thousand people seeing the story.

Oh, Facebook will increase the number of eyeballs who see our posts for money, but we’re not paying the hangman for the rope to fashion our own noose.

Guns Save Life believes in proactive advocacy. With that in mind, we’re not waiting for Facebook to delete our page because they don’t like us exercising our First or Second Amendment rights. We’re waving goodbye to Facebook and heading over to MeWe.

By leaving Facebook now, we admit that we will lose some exposure. But sometimes you have to take a stand.

We faced some of those same worries about lost exposure when we left Twitter a few years ago. We haven’t missed it for a second. In fact, we’ve grown since pretty dramatically we ditched Jack Dorsey’s blue bird.

Somehow, we have little doubt we will do just fine without Zuckerberg’s book of face.

At this point, we will simply leave the page there to idle with a message that we’re done on Facebook and to join us at MeWe. However, if it’s not there sometime in the coming weeks, you’ll know why. And you’ll know that you can find us on MeWe under the group name Guns Save Life.

9 thoughts on “JOIN US AT MEWE: GSL Dumping Facebook on January 20th.”
  1. Said good bye to facebook December 31, 2020. Coincidentally, I retired. Maybe not coincidentally. Don’t miss it at all.

  2. My posts on Facebook was targeted after I posted, “ Democratic Socialist want us to believe the science of Global Warming and the Pandemic, but they don’t believe the science that there’s only two genders.” Then I noticed several of my posts were removed at my request, but I didn’t remove them. So I dropped my Facebook account in early December. Sorry I jumped the gun for January 20, Damn, I just said gun, I hope I don’t get blocked.

  3. This might be a big step, but consider deactivating your amazon.com account and taking your business elsewhere. Searching for “deactivate amazon” will get you instructions.

    Also, there are many alternatives to google out there that value privacy: startpage.com, duckduckgo.com, etc.

    1. Hello DM! duckduckgo will not acknowledge that gunssavelife.com is a frequently visited website. I usually check the GSL site at least once per day. Any other site I visit, even once immediately appears as a frequently visited site on the duckduckgo list. ISRA made the list.

  4. Wow, I never have been on Fakebook, never did want to, call it an instinct but something always seemed to me to be “off kilter” about the whole platform. I hope they destroy themselves.

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