What would you do if a Catholic Priest molested your child?  Child sex abuse allegations have caused the Chicago Archdiocese to remove Father Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger from his parish at Chicago’s St. Sabina’s church. 

Why does GSL care about some potentially pervy priest in America’s largest open-air shooting range known as Chicago?

Because the not-so-saintly priest has waged his own personal jihad against gun rights for the little people while surrounding himself with armed bodyguards.

WGN has the story of Pfleger’s fall from grace.

CHICAGO – Prominent Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger has been asked to step away from ministry following a decades-old child sexual abuse allegation, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced Tuesday.

According to a letter sent from Cardinal Blase Cupich to the St. Sabina community, Father Pfleger has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor from more than 40 years ago.

Pfleger is well-known in Chicago as an anti-violence activist and has been the pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church, located in Auburn-Gresham, since 1981.

At one event, he urged the community to snuff out John Riggio, the owner of Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale.  How Christian-like, right?

Here’s a transcript courtesy of Fox News.

He’s the owner of Chuck’s, John Riggio, R-i-g-g-i-o. We’re going to find you and snuff you out. You can’t keep hiding because you’re afraid. Obviously, you know you’re doing something wrong. You wouldn’t have your business in a truck. You wouldn’t have a truck pulled in front of your door, because you know you’ve got to hide. Like a rat, you’re going to hide, but like a rat we’re going to catch you and pull you out. We are not going to allow you to continue to hide when we’re here.

We’ve seen the unholy man at plenty of rallies and we’ve seen the armed men guarding him.  Yes, he employs multiple armed men to protect him

The hypocrisy is strong with the accused child molester priest:  You little people don’t need guns.  Only important people like me need guns for self-defense.

The quite un-Christianlike, violent man of the cloth has a history of attracting un-Christianlike people into his orbit.

Among Pfleger’s armed bodyguard bodyguards over the years, one (pictured below) was arrested for carrying a gun without a license on the steps of Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s church.

And then there’s the story of another of Pfleger’s bodyguards who shot and killed an unarmed woman accused of shoplifting at her corner drug store.  The death penalty for stealing some stuff from Walgreens seems a lot over-the-top.

WGN9 had that story:

CHICAGO — A man has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a woman at a Northwest Side Walgreens.

Louis Hicks Jr., 33, was charged Thursday with one felony count of first-degree murder, one felony count of false impersonation of an officer and one felony count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Police said Hicks was identified as the person who shot and killed 46-year-old Sircie Varnado inside the Walgreens on the 4800 block of West Fullerton Avenue in the city’s Belmont Cragin neighborhood last week.

Pfleger has been removed for now.  Here’s the letter from the Archdiocese.

St. Sabina Letter Notifying… by WGN Web Desk

Church officials will investigate the claim, but until it is resolved, Father Snuffy’s reliable voice against gun ownership civil rights for the little people will remain sidelined.

Child molesters deserve the harshest of penalties, both in the here and now and in the afterlife.



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  1. Father Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger don’t want you to have a gun because he is a child molester and he knows some parent would shoot him..

  2. Perhaps, at judgment day, this reprobate will get true justice in Hades, but, he must be the devil’s disciple and would be one of the devil’s favorites.

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