At the Champaign County GSL meeting in November, GSL Executive Director John Boch presented a grim analysis of where gun owners both in Illinois and nationally stand following the preliminary election results. This is a condensed version without a lot of the nuances discussed in person.

Last month, we saw the poll that revealed three-quarters of Americans believe a Civil War may soon occur in America. In my opinion, the blatant voter fraud we’ve witnessed in multiple states has moved the nation one big step closer to Civil War 2.0.  After all, if the ballot box is taken away from people, then that leaves only the cartridge box to effect change.

At the national level, the election fraud has left gun owners with a weak hand in Congress. Even with only the “normal” election fraud in Chicagoland, Land of Lincoln gun owners also have a weak hand.

Yes, the mainstream media called the election for Biden, making it official in their eyes. However, a media declaration doesn’t make it true.

The best case scenario for gun owners and gun rights has this election fraud reversed. That could happen either through state legislatures refusing to certify bad ballot counts, or a US Supreme Court ruling ahead of the Electoral College Deadline in mid-December.

[Editor:  Obviously none of the above has happened…  And it surely appears like Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th.]

As of our publication date, this Presidential race isn’t over. Not yet. Not by a long shot.

Here in Illinois, Democrats spent upwards of $200M on state-level races. The Dems picked up a seat in the Senate but lost half of their downstate contingent in the House. What’s more, Pritzker and his allies spent about $100M on the proposed tax hike amendment and that failed.

Gun rights in Illinois.
Gun owners needed to flip about five anti-gun seats to soundly block gun control measures in the House. We picked up maybe one and a half.

Yes, Republicans took out four downstate Democrats in the House – but these were generally pro-gun Democrats. Now, Madigan has 50% fewer reasons to protect his downstate Democrat reps with less…  extreme legislative proposals.

Absent a miracle, gun control proposals will likely pass the Illinois House in the next two years.

On the other hand, Madigan’s “fundraising” ability for future races will be curtailed as everyone knows he’s on borrowed time. Why would the Walmarts, Walgreens and Wells Fargos of the world all “donate” a few million dollars to the Madigan Democrat party war chest knowing Madigan is tainted by numerous federal investigations and an expected federal indictment?

In the Illinois Senate, Bill Brady’s gone as Senate Minority leader. He earned his reputation for squishy support of gun rights. Dan McConchie will be the new Senate Republican leader and he’s got steel in his spine when it comes to guns.

The new Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie and family.

Brady wants to run for Governor. Rumor has it GSL’s close friend (and now Senator) Darren Bailey will also run as a solid, pro-gun conservative candidate.  While we can’t make any endorsements, you should be able to figure out who we will privately support:  a GSL member or a guy who didn’t support gun rights under Rauner…

In the end, the Illinois Dems picked up a seat in the Senate, flipping a pro-gun vote. That puts us right on the razor’s edge.

Right now, the Illinois Senate is our best hope to block gun control proposals in Illinois.

At the same time, Senate President Don Harmon will be working to negotiate a budget deal and anything that doesn’t help move that mission forward will be an unwelcome distraction or a hindrance for him.  Clearly, the federal investigation attempting to curtain some of the prolific corruption in Springfield will be on his mind a lot.

Not only that, but Harmon’s dealing with plummeting tax receipts because of COVID closures, no federal bailouts, and a failed ballot referendum to hike taxes.

Gun owners and gun rights don’t have a good hand for this upcoming legislative session. As such, we’re going to have to work hard to encourage legislators to support gun rights, not gun restrictions.

National Report.
If Biden wins the presidency, we’re in real trouble.

Republicans will likely hold the US Senate with 51 or 52 votes. The Senate will likely serve as our backstop to gun control lunacy, court packing, the Green New Deal and other radical silliness – none of which will advance your gun rights..

Once more: SPOILER ALERT! AOC the the Squad don’t support your right to own guns or self-defense.

Speaking of AOC and The Squad, Dems will likely retain control the US House.

Sandy Cortez, aka “AOC.”  “I didn’t take the Bar.  I worked in a bar.”

If you think we’re going to get some pro-gun Democrat House members to help block gun control, consider this: The last remaining NRA A-rated Democrat House member lost by double-digits in this election.

The Supreme Court and the federal courts, thanks to Trump, are much stronger on gun rights and will continue this way for a generation – assuming Democrats don’t pack the court with new members.

What to expect: In short, the people controlling Biden will push gun control and stand a fair chance of passing it into law.

Gun control measures likely to survive a court challenge – at least at first:
• National Red Flag law
• And end to private gun sales
• An end to mail-order ammo sales
• Curtailment of ammo and component (specifically, primers) imports
• Restrictions on firearm imports.
• Gun rationing (one gun a month)
• Ammo sales background checks (like California)
• Ban on sales of standard cap magazines
• Ban on sales of semi-auto rifles and shotguns.
• Ammo rationing.
• Gun and ammo taxes
• Ban on pistol braces

Things unlikely to survive a court challenge with the current SCOTUS.
• Mag bans
• Semi-auto rifle and shotgun bans
• Semi-auto rifle and shotgun “mandatory buybacks” or confiscations.
• Semi-auto handgun bans

There is good news on the horizon. The US Supreme Court now has a 5-4 (and maybe 6-3) pro-gun majority. The downside here is that lawsuits can take years to work through courts. But if the Dems pack the courts, this is all immaterial. Reminder: Our gun and ammo tax lawsuit was filed years ago and just received cert to the Illinois Supreme Court last month.

Back to good news: the election map will look better for Republicans in two years thanks to the census. Look for a 6-8 seat Republican gain in the House purely on maps…

In the end, don’t panic. There won’t be re-education camps for Trump supporters for the immediate future. For now at least, we still have the rule of law.