by Dominic Visione
Beards are a pain! Well, I recently reacquainted myself with the unpleasantness of removing one. For my fun, and to the dismay of my spouse, I thought a little mustache/beard combination would look good at the SASS Cowboy Action Regionals in Arcadia, Oklahoma during the end of October.

Bad idea to have other cowgirls tell you they like your beard as your wife’s Irish temper smolders away. I guess she found the inspiration to shoot the match clean. No misses in two days of shooting100 rounds pistol, 100 rounds rifle and 50 shotgun. Message received, I lost that facial hair faster than Hunter Biden fleeing from a child support hearing.

Speaking of cowboy guns and Bidens, if a Biden administration becomes a reality, will those be next on the “bad gun” list? Don’t be too quick to laugh. When California went to the 10 round capacity silliness around 2005, they did not exempt lever action rifles. Some of which can hold over 10 rounds.

Cowboy match sponsors in California complained to their legislators. They decided that if you were an out-of-state shooter coming in for a match, with one of these rifles designed over 150 years ago, you had to bring a letter from your district or state’s attorney attesting that this gun was legal where you live. Not making this up.

Additionally, from the progressive land of Oregon, cocaine is now sort-of legal. But straws are not. And that folks, is the current definition of progressivism.

Brace Yourself
Apparently, not wanting to be outdone in the arena of Stupid Rule Tricks, the BATF (four letter word?) reportedly has spent time revisiting the pistol brace/stock issue. Ye Gods! I get the whole administrative rule thing for agencies. Your very own Illinois Driver’s License with it’s classifications, restrictions, et al; comes from the Illinois Administrative Code. And that authority was legislatively granted through the Illinois Vehicle Code. They change now and then, but it’s mostly small details. Except for when CDLs were codified nationwide in the late 1980s. But nobody, overnight, with the stroke of a pen, lost their driving privileges.

BATF doesn’t work that way. After all, gun ownership is a civil right, not a privilege. The same process used to regulate a privilege (driving a car) cannot and should not be used to regulate a right. Without researching volumes of case law on the matter, at some point a modicum of common sense needs to enter the equation. Turning hundreds of thousands of gun owners into felons on an administrative coin flip serves no purpose for the common good and addresses no public safety issue.

Does it have a political purpose? That’s another story. Or to “sell” your right back to you as a tax or fee. I think this one has Amy Coney Barrett’s name all over it.

Jelly Bean & Lightfeet
If you could bring back the writers from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, or The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, they would think they struck the mother lode of comedic gold.

These two run Chicago and Illinois with the skills formerly displayed by the navigator of the Titanic. Mayor Lightfoot bemoans the havoc of gun deaths in Chicago, forgetting Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox dismissed over 25,000 felony charges in just three years.

Meanwhile, Governor Jelly Bean Pritzker calls gun violence a “public health crisis.” Then in the same sentence on his Instagram page, he boasts about his gun dealer licensing law.

I hate to tell the emperor he has no clothes, but after wiping out half of all gun dealers in Illinois, shootings and murders are up. Way up. As of November 16, 2020 there are 706 Homicides and 3091 shot and wounded in Chicago alone.

Closer to where I live, they are up in Peoria as well. A shooting this past summer on the riverfront left Peoria Police 100 shell casings to gather up. Last week in Bartonville there was a running gun battle between three vehicles.

Both these areas are represented by Democrat Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth and State Senator Dave Koehler. Both voted for the bill to wipe out Illinois gun dealers. And both got re-elected. Now these same political hacks want lawful gun owners fingerprinted. For public safety of course.

Who wants to bet that the fingers that pulled triggers in these incidents already have prints from previous arrests on file? And probably some DNA as well. What’s that definition of insanity?

But JB takes the cake. Literally. Ballpark figures show Illinois has about 3600 sex offenders they can’t find, and about 30,000 revoked FOID card holders to track down. Not to mention 142,000 FOID applications in limbo.

The Illinois State Police is way, way behind.

At the same time, the Illinois State Police found two investigators to serve a “Notice of Violation” (of his latest order) on a restaurant in Paris, IL. It’s all about the science, folks. Political science, that is.

Meanwhile the week before, first daughter Teddi Pritzker dined with over a dozen friends at an upscale Chicago steakhouse.

It’s reported JB flees to the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area nearly every weekend while wife and kids go to their Florida plantation.

A couple of weeks ago, Second City Cop blog reported that for Halloween, Pritzger rented out an entire bar, had the building’s security cameras “redirected” and all guests had to surrender cell phones to prevent any embarrassing photos hitting social media.

Wonder if he made them remove the toilets too? Assuming the hypocrisy didn’t clog them first.

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  1. ARRRRAGH the “image” you put into my head: Jelly-Belly-Prikster and “the emperor has no clothes” I can’t seem to get that disgusting image to go away, like the song that you can’t get to stop “playing” over and over (1-800-karsforkiids-don’t-hate-your-car-to-day).

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