(Originally published in the December 2020 issue of GunNews.  You would have seen this about four weeks ago if you were a member of GSL!  Join today.)

by John Boch
Big changes are coming to America if Joe Biden “wins” this election. And changes may be coming to Illinois as well. Here are things you should be doing in your world to help your family stay safe and secure.

It’s always best to hope for the best, but it also remains prudent to prepare for the worst.


• Bolster your pro-gun US Congressman here in IL with communications urging them to support gun rights (which most will). Sometimes it can feel lonely standing for freedom with pressure from the mainstream media and the local social justice warrior contingent. Let your pro-gun elected representatives know they aren’t alone and they’re appreciated.

Don’t waste your time with Senators Duckworth and Durbin. Yeah, some will criticize me for that advice. But then some people criticize me for dismissing third-party candidates as a waste of everyone’s time for anything except maybe a dog catcher position.

• Contact your incoming Illinois State Representative and Senator.  Praise and thank them if they are supporting gun rights. Write a short, but sweet letter (via US mail) to the squishes. Don’t waste your time with the Kathleen Willises and Michael Madigans.


• Make sure your friends and like-minded neighbors know about pending gun control legislation and prod them to contact their elected officials as well. Believe it or not, a lot of people still aren’t aware of the pending SB-1966 to require expensive fingerprints for FOID cards and proposed fee hikes.

• If you practice or train, and if you can find it at anything short of highway robbery prices, BUY AMMO IN QUANTITY. It may be your last chance to buy in quantity at any price.

• Reloaders should buy primers. All you can get.

• Buy magazines. Buy three magazines for every handgun you own that uses over 10-round magazines.  Then buy three more spares.  Remember the days of $100 pre-ban Glock magazines? I do. They’re coming back. Magazines don’t last forever. Buy them now while they are available. Trust me, they will quickly become scarce if Trump is not re-elected.

• Ever thought of wanting an AR-15 – America’s favorite rifle? Go buy one, right effin’ now. You’re going to pay a premium, but under a Biden regime, you won’t be able to buy one at any price if Beto, Kamala and their ilk get their way. IF you can afford it, buy two, along with one for each of your like-minded children.

Then learn how to use it. Project Appleseed and the US Rifleman’s Association both still run great, affordable classes to teach you how to shoot the Rifleman’s Quarter-mile. If you can’t hit an 8” circle at 100 yards under ideal conditions on a static range, you’re just making noise. And if you can’t hit an 8” circle at 25 yards with a rifle, you’re a liability, not an asset.

• Put an illuminated optic on your AR.  Put tritium night sights on your defensive handgun(s). If you can’t see your sights, you can’t hit your target. And most defensive encounters will take place in low-light conditions.

• Did I mention buying ammo and magazines?

• You might get out ahead of the curve and invest in a revolver or two and maybe even a lever-action rifle in addition to a pump-action shotgun. And ammo to feed them including defensive hollow points. Don’t wait until these are unavailable too.

• Work with your most trusted friends and family to create a small cell of people with your own plans for possible civil unrest or worse. GSL itself may serve as the central clearing house for news and information as long as we’re able to do so, but you need to have a network of trusted friends and select family members in case of the worst-case scenario.

I’m not talking about overthrowing government local, state or national. Instead, I’m talking about protecting yourself and your family from crackpot neighbors and deranged locals who have psychotic levels of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Build your Alert List today. (See the tremendous piece by Kelvin Coburn).

• Sign up for self-defense legal insurance. If you use force in self-defense, good legal insurance will put you on equal footing with the local prosecutor. If the prosecutor wants to charge you for political reasons, you will have a top-flight legal defense team without bankrupting your family.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

One thought on “ACT NOW: Preparing for the coming storm as gun owners”
  1. Put your “pro-firearm” views into an essay or short letter to the editor of local bird cage liner (or fish wrap?) newspaper and encourage others of like-minded citizens to do so as well.

    I am “addicted” to the letters section and try to send in my “2-cents” worth often, especially if there are anti-firearm letters or snews published recently. NOTICE that the recent past election had little anti-firearm views revealed, “they” learned their “lesson” from AlGore’s defeat, “they” know pro-firearm citizens are a strong force, however, IF the corrupt “Harris-Biden regime” is “inaugurated” you can bet there WILL be anti-firearm legislation, executive orders and whatever else “they” can think up against firearm rights.

    May God Bless America, watch over our great country, and guide our leaders to abide by our Constitution and defeat the anarchists and communists infiltrating our government.

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