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By Mike Keleher

Well I started the day with the idea of writing an article warning people to buy up high capacity rifles, pistols and magazines before the new administration starts in January, and to make mention of the fact the Democratic party may have enough votes in Congress to pass any loony “common sense gun control” packages they want starting next year.

Well it got worse. Biden’s in bound national policy director indicated this week, Sleepy Joe will be implementing “Big Bold Executive Orders” guns and gun violence as soon as he is seated. That is scary enough from the guy who sponsored and still claims success with sponsoring the original 1994 Assault Rifle Ban- which restricted the law abiding for ten years and failed to impact crime.

His website says he will move to repeal the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act-in an attempt to bankrupt firearms businesses. The act prevents gun and ammo manufacturers from being sued by people who are hurt by criminals who used their products in criminal acts. Biden is expected to pander to his radical supporters in this area and make firearm items open to strict liability- the only such item in modern commerce. GM and Ford aren’t sued because drunk drivers hurt someone with their car.

Some of his other public promises include plans to ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as use his executive power to stop importation of foreign made weapons. If you want an AK variant or a CZ Scorpion you better get hot on it. Online Gun.Deals and Gun Broker are good ways to locate items currently for sale and have them shipped to your favorite Federal Firearms License shop or person to make a legal sale and transfer. Prices are going to sky rocket between now and January. Bet me on that one.

He plans to get “assault weapons” re-categorized and accountable like machine guns and suppressers. (Tax Stamp time? Didn’t a lot of tea get tossed in the Boston Harbor over that one?)

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He supports legislation to limit citizens to purchases of one gun a month- because that is all you need, because Joe says so. (He can’t make this a rule on his own fortunately, but would sign it if it made it to his desk.)

Biden’s website also says he will enact legislation to stop interstate commerce sales of firearms, ammunition, gun parts and kits. That is scary stuff Joe- but you don’t enact legislation as the President. There is a whole owner’s manual that comes with the Oval Office, might get an intern to read up on it, the manual describes something as crazy as three actual branches of government in America and get this- the president does not make laws. Could be an eye opener.

So all that was bad enough to hear about this week, and today it got worse. Apparently ATF raided the Polymer 80 company yesterday in Nevada with a federal search warrant.

Polymer 80 makes plastic frames which are only 80% finished and the consumer can sand and drill and Dremel on them to make the ready to hold gun parts and be used in an assembled weapon. It is federally legal to build you own at home, does not require a serial number or federal registration, and BATF has previously blessed the Polymer 80 design. It has been a huge success and picked up by several other companies offering similar do it yourself frames. Polymer 80 also sells gun parts which you can put in their frames if you finish them out.

Well this summer, Polymer 80 started selling all of the parts you would need, plus the unfinished frame and a couple of drill bits to build a Glockish pistol in a Buy Build Shoot Kit. They apparently did not ask Uncle Sugar’s permission to sell the items in this manner-even though each piece could be purchased separately with no problem. Putting it all in one kit apparently was too much for ATF.

ATF is fresh off big moves throwing a lasso over two AR pistol brace companies last month claiming the items are now against the law because they create short barreled rifles (But all similar wrist braces don’t? Man if you are going to argue logic and common sense here you aren’t going to last long in the federal government!) they also served a federal search warrant on Polymer 80 yesterday claiming their unfinished products combined with parts is a “gun” in violation of federal law.

I guess selling eggs, flour, sugar and milk at the store is also a “cake” or a potential “high capacity waffle.”

The search warrant affidavit indicates the agency believes the parts sold together in the kit constitute a “firearm” under the law. Repeating: they are claiming the unassembled parts and plastic frame which are all legal to sell, when sold together in a do it yourself kit are a gun, and must meet all federal laws regarding gun sales- even though you can’t assemble them into a gun right out of the package. You have to drill, sand, file, Dremel and otherwise work on the plastic frame to be able to put other parts in it.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish the story and included search warrant claims by ATF Polymer 80 has thus illegally manufactured and distributed firearms in this kit manner, and thereby did not pay taxes owed on finished firearms and would also be guilty of shipping “guns” across state lines without conducting background checks.

All of the very successful Polymer 80 sales were apparently OK until the election in November. Wait a minute who heads up ATF? Could it be Obama appointment holdovers are still in charge and emboldened by the elections? Could be.

Polymer do it yourself frames were almost as hard to find as toilet paper during COVID/RIOT season run earlier this year, but seemed to be back in stock with a lot of retailers in the fall. After this news, look for them to be snapped up before the ATF case gets to court.

Plenty of 30 round PMAGS and high capacity pistol magazines on the shelf too online and at local gun shops. My favorite online source for magazines is www. best selection and great prices. Get ’em now boys and girls. Get’em now before Uncle Joe and his cohorts come to town and puts big scary mitts or directs others, to put their socially conscious mitts on them, and locks up their sale or import for another 8-10 years.

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  1. P.S. Apparently a single BATF agent showed up at Brownells asking for client list for the Polymer80 all in one kit sales. Brownells said we don’t sell that package and to go pound sand. Agent left empty handed.

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