Multiple sources are telling us that this weekend will be enriched with revolutionary violence, courtesy of the fine folks at Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  This violence reportedly will not only happen in Chicago and other major cities across America, but smaller cities as well.  Think about the widespread “unrest,” er, I mean peaceful protests that took place in the days after George Floyd’s death.

Chicago has installed jersey barriers to narrow some intersections so they can be blocked from traffic (like looters in UHaul trucks) with garbage trucks or other barricades.  They took a “dry run” at their new anti-rioting plan for downtown on Thursday evening.

Not only are Friday and Saturday nights expected to see some “civil unrest” but on Saturday during the day, “demonstrators” are set to “shut down” the Magnificent Mile.

From CWB Chicago:

City departments on Thursday will conduct test runs of a new tactic that police and political leaders hope will contain any future looting or riot attempts in the downtown area. But officials are playing down online rumors of large protests heading to the neighborhood this weekend.

And, a source said similar blockade arrangements may roll out along retail corridors in Wicker Park and other neighborhoods.

Police, Streets and Sanitation, and Water Department assets will all participate in the dry-run between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. that will test the city’s ability to quickly lock down key intersections should trouble break out.

On Wednesday, city workers installed concrete barricades to narrow the mouths of streets along the Magnificent Mile and in nearby areas. By tightening the roadway, city officials can quickly close roads by parking salt trucks and other large vehicles in the narrowed space. Large, mobile planters may also be used to close some intersections. At least, that’s the idea.

Furthermore, cops in Chicagoland are under a caution that gang members may take potshots at police anywhere they find cops making an arrest.  The source is considered highly reliable.

Use caution this weekend.  It would be a particularly bad weekend to take a trip to Chicagoland.  If you live in or near Chicago, it might be a good weekend to stay close to home.  Avoid large crowds, mobs and other potential trouble spots where feasible.

Of course, never leave home without your American Express card in its holster.

14 thoughts on “SAFETY ALERT: Revolutionary violence (‘peaceful protests’) expected this Fri & Saturday. Use caution.”
  1. So, if we see some “peaceful protesters” doing “peaceful protest things” and we bring to them our own fashion of “peaceful peacekeeping” and there is no one left to riot do we get a pass for doing the job the politicians have been unwilling to do but a 17 year old kid with a bargain basement AR can prove is entirely effective at bringing peace out of violence and reducing the democratic voter base?

    1. Joe,
      How much money do you have for attorneys? I’m sure ol’ Kenny-boy will “send you money” if you “make good cops out of bad cops” by killing a few. Join up with his AntiFA gang.

    2. Kenny-boy:
      Isn’t that what you have advocated in MANY of your posts? ( the killing of cops, the only good cop…) You don’t even know what your own convictions are? No wonder you come across as a “MENTAL MIDGET”, dimwit, yet you take offense???

      BTW: I never advocated the killing of anyone and why would I “match you dollar for dollar” when I have not “challenged anyone” to something I cannot afford, I survive on limited income, iif I do donate it will be minimal at best, but YOU are the one who stated he would send “piles” of money to Kyle’s “defense fund” asking about his “gofundme” account. Besides, you are a liar and any “challenge” from you is a waste of bytes and data because you will NEVER meet your own “challenge”, scumbag.

      You have SOOO MANY posts on this site you can’t remember one lie to the next. That is the problem with being a liar, you can’t remember all the lies you have spread, you poor (or is it pour, haha) PATHETIC assho.

      From what I understand, 2 of Kyle’s attorneys are working “pro-bono”, although, I know there will be many more expenses and possibly fines he will need help with.

      Are you “projecting” again? You are SURELY looking into the mirror when you accuse anyone of your bedtime activities. I have declared I am not “gay, a cross-dresser, LGBTQ-LMNOP, or anything of the sort” yet you “defame” me calling me a “pederast”. And you cry about my “defamation” of you when I just use your very own words against you, you truly are the most PATHETIC liar on the internet and especially this site.

    3. Poor ‘ol pederast Kenny-boy, pathetic arrogant loser extraordinaire, you advocate for the killing of all “bad” cops while declaring there are NO “good” cops because all cops “enable” the “bad” cops, and, praises any and all cop killers, “enabling” those inclined to kill cops in the future including AntiFA, his cop-killing “gang”, and THEN he posts “who me, I don’t advocate/condone killing cops”

      Fess up pederast-boy, you want all cops dead but you don’t want their “blood on your hands”, but you will be “dancing in the streets” beside your AntiFA “gang” singing their anthem “what do we want…dead cops, roll ’em in blankets,…fry ‘e like bacon” right beside them.

      NO “DEAL” with the likes of YOU scummy, ol’ pederast-Kenny-boy, you are nothing but a “keyboard-komando” hypocrite that doesn’t stand by his stated convictions, just like most “keyboard-komandos”.

      You piss-n-moan about you being “defamed” while defaming any and who post disagreements against you and uses your own words against your ineptness, proving your mental disabilities. What goes around comes back around, you deserve everything you get 10-fold.

      Kenny-pederast-boy, since WHEN is $1,000.00 a “ton of money”? Even to me, living on limited income because of contracting MS, a thousand dollars is not that great of a “pile” of money, $1,000,000.00 would be a “ton of money”, or even half of that, but, you being a “doctor” you probably clear $100,000.00 every “payday” and it’s merely “chump change” to an idiot like you. I bet you have money you haven’t spent yet, and your grandkids will pilfer it away and live in poverty after wasting your millions, like happens to many arrogant wealthy families.

      BTW: I am not “broke”, living on limited income, I just have to be careful how I spend money so my bills get paid every month, like many in America. Why are you sooo hateful and derogatory? because you CAN be, hiding behind your keyboard with your arrogant assho attitude defaming any who don’t like your snide posts while crying YOU get defamed back. poor, pour, pore PITIFUL AND PITYABLE pederast-boy ken.

      CUE: pederast Kenny-boy to rant defamatory remarks in: 3,…2…1:

    4. Here is a lie in your previous post: I have never called you a “pretender”, another one you stated: you would donate a “ton of money” to KR’s defense fund, $1000.00 is NOT a “TON OF MONEY”, SO go ahead and donate that $500 “in my name” to KR’s defense fund, you can use GSL-1589, if we get literal start weighing out money and no coins allowed, dollar bills ok or better yet $100 dollar bills.

      BTW: I bet you lied about THAT too, therefore NO DEAL, LIAR.

    5. Self defense would be one thing, but the first rule to surviving a gun fight is “don’t be there”. I wouldn’t go to Chitcago’s Mag. Mile this weekend for the winning Publishers Clearing House super prize.

    6. It’s to bad that the “first rule of surviving a gunfight” wasn’t explained to the minor Kyle Rittenhouse…….I expect the windfall from that incident to be quite extensive and painful for all involved.

      The parents or guardian of KR

      The registered owner of the firearm

      Whomever purchased the ammunition he used

      The people in the group he was with (especially those of legal age….. Think “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”)

      The owner of the business he was at

      The owner of the business where the first man was shot

      And so on and so on.

      I would also like to address the fact that JB keeps referring to the first shooting victim as a “sex offender” and “paedophile”…..I would like to see what he was actually charged with before he is discredited and slandered like he currently is being. If he really did get charged with a crime against a minor child fine…… But often people’s status is because of something like:he was 19 and dating a 17 year old girl, parents pressed statutory rape charges against him. Just saying……….
      Facts are important. Around here facts tend to be pushed aside by opinion.

      Remember when you point your finger at someone, you are pointing three back at yourself

    7. I just want to rebut several things puttingthetruthout suggests:

      The applicable Wisconsin statute says, in relevant part: “[kids can’t have guns, except] This section does not apply to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a dangerous weapon when the dangerous weapon is being used in * * * a course of instruction in the traditional and proper use of the dangerous weapon under the supervision of an adult. This section does not apply to an adult who transfers a dangerous weapon to a person under 18 years of age for use only in target practice under the adult’s supervision or in a course of instruction in the traditional and proper use of the dangerous weapon under the adult’s supervision.”

      So, if those people you fear are LIABLE actually step forward and say simply, “yeah, I was supervising Kyle in the ‘traditional and proper use of’ the AR15 that I PROVIDED HIM!” then nobody will be convicted of ANYTHING.

      Cause Kyle was lawfully carrying, then.

      If the video I saw which shows an adult pulling a guy back from a confrontation WAS indeed KYLE being pulled back, then it would appear the statutory “PERFECT” defense is available. And we know that he was with a group of older guys; the “media” is calling them a “Militia!”

      So, I wouldn’t worry about a thing if I were the adult who loaned him my rifle. He did everything right.

  2. Kenny-boy- pederast:
    YOU are the one who “CHALLENGED” ME: “IF you can find one “lie” i’ve EVER told, anywhere, ever, I’ll donate $500 to Kyle’s legal defense fund in your name. But it must be a factually-demonstrable “lie,””

    I showed you 2 lies in that VERY post, 1: I have NEVER “called you a ‘PRETENDER'”, and 2: you think $1000 is a “ton of money”?, Maybe a half a mil would be a “ton of money”, but a $1000 is not even “chump change” to you, is not a “great obstacle” for me on limited income and you are an “amighty doctor”, who draws in what, half a mil a year? plus benefits? or more? come on, fess up Kenny-boy, ya know you want to let all us “underlings” how great your income is, come on, “shame” us all with your massive salary, but, since you are such a liar, no one will believe you anyway, either because it is sooo miniscule, or because it is too excessive. Your peril, Kenny-boy.

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    1. Kenny-boy pederast “and the other fellows here” (AKA: ALL of your butt-buddies, alter-ego “screen-name” selves):

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      YOU ARE CORRECT, there is NO REASON to put up with your PATHETIC, IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY, but you KEEP coming back to disparage more and I point out your lies and hatred, and you “CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” (ALA: Tom Cruze).

      poor, pour, pore, pitiful Kenny-boy-pederast, take your crayons and GO CRAWL INTO YOUR HOLE!, you came to a gunfight with your “rubber-band gun” against a Thompson .45 machine gun, too bad your intellect and arrogance won’t let you stop your hateful, snide comments; you “feel” like you need to “try” to get over on someone who is a half-mile ahead of you.

      Your arrogance and hatred won’t let you give up, you “feel” like YOU have to have the last “word”, trouble is your last word is always just more lies. You are pathetic, Kenny-boy.

    2. Kenny-boy-pederast stated ” but I’m not going to engage any more.”


  3. AND:
    nobody cares if you do or do not “support police”, we all know your hatred by now, just don’t call emergency 911 for an officer to help you in a traffic accident, theft of yourself or your home, death or a mugging, or anything. That is my challenge to you.

    I still do not believe anything you post on this site, you are a liar, pederast-boy.

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