We have watched many videos of the incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Illinois resident Kyle Rittenhouse (pictured above) shot three individuals, killing two during a riot on Tuesday evening.

From what we can see on those graphic videos, we believe Mr. Rittenhouse was well within his rights to defend himself that night.

Not safe for work.  GRAPHIC scenes.

Furthermore, in watching the video, it’s clear that he showed remarkable restraint in the face of a rabid mob intent upon beating him to a pulp at best – and in the case of the “paramedic” who nearly had his arm blown off – to “empty his magazine” into Mr. Rittenhouse, killing him.

As we all know, the media elites view America’s good guy gun owners as knuckle-dragging, racist, sexist Neanderthals.  And right on cue, without a shred of evidence, they have painted Kyle Rittenhouse with the same brush they paint gun owners in general.

The mainstream media’s vile reports painting Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” or “vigilante” surely appear equally as false as CNN’s claims that the rioting, looting and mass arson in Kenosha are “mostly peaceful protests.”

Furthermore, these allegations that Mr. Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, racist or vigilante are not only false, but utterly defamatory to Mr. Rittenhouse as well.

It is almost as if the mainstream media didn’t learn from its defamation of the teen Nick Sandmann.   And all the defamation suits launched following that ugly incident.

Unfortunately for the vile mainstream media outlets, politicians and others who would defame our fellow Illinoisan Kyle Rittenhouse, Lin Wood is on the case.

And Lin Wood is already making a list like Santa Claus.  Only this is a very different list…  a list that good little boys and girls don’t want to find their names and addresses embossed upon.

If the name “Lin Wood” doesn’t ring a bell, it should.  Mr. Wood is well on his way to making Nick Sandmann a billionaire by age 20 with defamation suits against the big names of the mainstream media.  And he’s already made Sandmann a multi-millionaire many times over in a couple of the already-settled cases.

We have reached out to Mr. Rittenhouse’s new criminal defense attorney lead John Pierce of fightback.law (check out the link!) offering assistance in this case.  Mr. Pierce has accepted our offer and we’re pleased to be of assistance.

Given that Mr. Rittenhouse wasn’t a Guns Save Life member at the time of this incident, our organization will not allow him to access our legal defense funds.

We suspect someone’s going to buy him a membership any day though.  It’s not like the mainstream media hasn’t already released his address.

However, for our members who wish to contribute to his legal defense (and perhaps things like security details, living expenses, etc. as this plays out…  and until Lin Wood can work his magic), here’s where you can make your donations.  Per Mr. Pierce.

Go to the bottom of the page at FightBack.law and there’s a place for a donation for Kyle Rittenhouse.  Yes, this is legitimate and authorized by Mr. Rittenhouse’s family.

I donated just now.  I “tipped” Mr. Pierce’s FightBack organization 10% as well.  I know Mr. Pierce will craft a legal dream team of criminal defense attorneys that are going to make Mr. Rittenhouse quite proud.  And all law-abiding gun owners interested in protecting the right of self-defense, too.

This is the first time I can recall every giving to someone’s legal defense.  But if we allow mob justice against Mr. Rittenhouse, we’re all at risk of becoming victims of mob justice.

7 thoughts on “DEFENDING YOUR RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF: GSL Stands with Kyle Rittenhouse… Consider donating to his defense. Info inside.”
  1. Lin Wood needs to tee up on some politicians for their statements before facts were known which proved to be made up and inaccurate.

    From everything I have seen in the videos it was clearly self defense even with the backwards law in Wisconsin that requires retreating from the threat. But since they have the law, it applies to all parties in the melee. Yep, the dude that got shot in the head had a duty to retreat as well and did not meet his legal obligations.

    Same for skateboard boy. And in his and “Lefty’s” case they have no defense of they were “trying to stop a criminal” because they were not actually dealing with a criminal, they were dealing with someone who had used lethal force within the law so their actions were assaults with a deadly weapon. And as everyone should be aware, if someone is assaulting you with a deadly weapon, you can legally apply lethal force to that person.

    The media has made up facts in this case. First that he “shot from a distance into a crowd of peaceful protesters”. That isn’t even remotely true, they were trying to paint him as an active shooter when in fact he used lethal force very judiciously only hitting those who were using illegal force against him.

    The worst this kid will get from the court is a misdemeanor conviction for open carrying a rifle under the age of 18. But I believe that could actually be challenged and probably found to be unconstitutional if the lawyers choose to take it that far. But he will be found not guilty by an impartial jury. Let the news organizations pay for their errors and allow his family to move away from Illinois using the settlements to make it easy.

  2. I’m going to start this by writing that KR certainly deserves to have the best legal defense team and there is no doubt he was under physical attack in the videos. I’m not an attorney, but it appears to me this will be an uphill legal battle. I would be very interested in seeing an opinion posted on GSL from Attorney Steve Davis.

    OK, JB, we’ve been friends for decades, but I’m sure you’re going to disagree with some of what I write next. Although it appears KR had adequate training to handle his firearm, there’s far more to be taken into consideration and I think the 2A community has been too quick to give this entire situation an “at a boy”. I’ll be the first one here to pose what will likely be some unpopular but the tough necessary questions.

    As an Iraq war vet, former officer (two separate commissions under both Federal and State), healthcare provider, and a parent I have a huge problem with a situation in which a civilian minor decides to self deploy into a riot where the local authorities have already declared a state of emergency and where a curfew was in effect that night. Going over a state line, whether or not with a weapon, as a minor is one which we’ll leave the lawyers, but I have to question if his parents were even aware of where he was at the time. I certainly wouldn’t classify Illinois as a state that is friendly to parental rights. Get where I’m going with this? There are other potential headaches ahead for them and certainly for the next parents whose (even younger) teens become involved in something similar.

    As a property owner I also have to question the wisdom of having a minor act as armed security anywhere outside of their domicile. I haven’t seen anything online that said KR even had the business owner’s permission to be on the property that night. Again, I’m not a lawyer, but I can see the liability issues and potential civil suits. The guys who were shot were not ones I’d ever associate with, but they had families and kids who will probably find attorneys to file civil suits not just against KR’s parents, but also against the local property owner where the first shooting happened and any other adults who had supervision over KR in Kenosha that night. Insight from attorney Steve Davis would certainly be appreciated here.

    Does the cop or soldier in uniform who is actually responsible for maintaining pubic order need extra people in civilian clothes (or worse yet a military appearance) roaming around outdoors with weapons at night? Legal or not, I can tell you from experience it’s an extra variable that brings problems. Now add in sleeplessness, nerves, panic, etc and all this contributes to bad things happening. Sometimes you light up the car with the bad guy sometimes it’s the family just trying to get home. Even a shooting that’s within ROE and gets you tons of “ataboys” and medals still has a lifelong cost. Either way you’ll be figuring it out with the counselors for the next 50 years.

    Now consider the scenario in which a war vet finds some armed guy in civilian clothes he doesn’t know wandering around outside his place at night during a riot. His daughters are inside. “Who da F are you?” “No, who da F are you!?” Yeah, this could get bad in a hurry.

    The next minor who self deploys could just as easily panic and shoot the good guys, be shot by a local home/business owner, or be shot by the local police or National Guard. I would hope we’re all in agreement here that this could have gone much worse in many different ways. I don’t want to see any more kids involved in stuff like this.

    I’m tired of my country starting to look like Iraq. Given the current state of things the potential exists for similar incidents in the coming months (years?). I pray we Americans are able to de-escalate things, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are enough adults stepping up and taking responsibility.

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