Kenosha, Wisconsin faced their third night of revolutionary anarchists from Chicago and Milwaukee burning, looting and (would-be) murdering their way through the town.  Last night, the locals had enough.  They turned out to fight back. 

And fight back they did.  The AP reported two dead and one wounded.  One of those dead was a rioter looting from a car lot.  That is, until he took the room temperature challenge after catching one in the melon.

Note how the looter’s comrades – who supposedly have a white-hot hate for the police – were suddenly shouting “Call the police!”  They were BEGGING for the police all the sudden.


Screencap by Boch via Twitter

The head-shot looter’s comrades rushed him to the hospital.  Clearly, Antifa’s “ambulances” aren’t exactly advanced life-support in nature as you can see.  Another thing to look forward if their revolution succeeds.

In another incident, a mob chased after a lone good guy armed with a rifle. The rifleman showed remarkable restraint as he tried to flee the angry horde that intent on beating him to a pulp.

When he tripped or was knocked down, the mob swarmed in for the kill.  Their ingenious plan didn’t survive contact though.  The rifleman started shooting and, like magic, the mob receded…almost like Moses parting the Red Sea.

A minute later, another good guy armed with a rifle appeared and applied a tourniquet to the seriously wounded man before police arrived. The rifleman didn’t leave his rifle on the ground, which caused tense moments for responding cops rolling up on scene.

Caution, video is NSFW and quite graphic.

Another angle.

Law-abiding American gun owners have had their fill of these young punks and their “revolutionary” zeal.  And it shows.

That man who was chased could have easily shot multiple members of the mob intent on “getting him.”  But he showed restraint as is typical of gun owners.

However, if the Antifa / Black Lives Matter boys and girls bring guns and start a gun battle, that may be the beginning of Civil War 2.0.

UPDATE:  Here’s a video that may encapsulate what happened in Kenosha last night. 

Some hard-left media sources are saying the rifleman killed two and wounded a third (the arm wound). 

If so, that’s still a lot of restraint with a mob numbering in the hundreds looking to exact mob “justice” upon him for shooting a man charging him moments before.

  1. People are tired of the destruction caused by these riots. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t gotten worse than this. I guess it’s fortunate they mostly riot in leftist controlled areas where they know no one will resist them with the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Guy with the arm wound won’t be doing too much rioting for awhile.
    Wonder if he will have learned a lesson?

  3. That is the most beautiful video I have seen all year!

    When’s the gofundme getting set up?

    I’ll donate a TON OF MONEY!

    That young man handled himself BEAUTIFULLY! PERFECTLY!

    EVERY SHOT he fired was CLEARLY in self-defense and thus, lawfully justified.

    AND, he restrained himself from shooting anyone else around him at the time, which is probably more than most of us could do.

    Well handled, son, well handled!

    God bless you, and keep you safe in what is to come!

    We have your back!

    1. Kenny-boy dr.ho:
      Your pea-brain must be exploding, you praise this “kid” who was there SUPPORTING the police and seemingly ENJOY his accurate shots, but apparently you have not comprehended that he is shooting at your AntiFA “cop-killers” in your “gang”. For a “supposed healer” (your claim to be a doctor) you sure love to see destruction of your associate cop-killers.


      If you have a “ton of money” you had better spend it on a GOOD psychiatrist but I am sure this “kid” will need a pile of money for defense attorneys.

    2. So $1,000.00 is a “ton of money”?, your pathetic nasty mouth out spent your wallet again, penderast-Kenny-boy???

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