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By Mike Keleher

Well this is an oddity in the all time summer of oddities. Today, BATF sent out text messages and Emails alerting holders of federal firearms licenses to possible “civil unrest” in three Illinois counties, and reminds people with lots of legal guns to secure those guns, report suspicious persons and report any losses of guns .

I guess they felt the need, or were directed to “do something”. Well this does meet the definition of doing a tiny bit of something, but wouldn’t we rather see that agency apprehending and taking armed rioters into federal court instead of warning potential burglar victims to try harder to make sure they aren’t burgled and their legal guns added to the already criminal street behavior? Must be part of that “unrest” term I don’t understand.

The phrase “civil unrest” is of course dumbed down from more accurate words like “looting”, “burglaries”, “lawless riots” and heaven forbid the phrase the Mayor of Chicago had to utter a week ago- “criminals.” Boy that one stuck in her shrimp-like craw.

Watching this week’s arsons, beatings and burglaries across the line in Kenosha reminds us all this behavior is anything but civil. I wonder if BATF sent a message to FFL’s in Wisconsin? Something like “Holy shit, these kids are nuts. Protect yourselves.”

Here is the text from the BATF email.

“This is an important message from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Possible civil unrest in our area may result in looting of businesses. The ATF reminds you to remain vigilant and to take appropriate steps to secure both your firearms inventory and your required records. Please report all suspicious persons or activity to your local police department. Additionally, notify ATF at 888-930-9275 if you find any of your firearms missing, lost or stolen or if you are a victim of an attempted burglary of your business.”

10 thoughts on “BATF Notifies Illinois FFL Holders of Possible “Civil Unrest” in Cook, Lake and McHenry Counties”
  1. One of the Kenosha rioters and a shooter was a teen from Chitcago, imagine that, don’t think he was old enough to drive….legally. (15?)

    1. kenny-boy, I heard this information on WLS earlier today, they have arrested him, and Kenosha is going to extradite him. Being as he is too young to possess firearms as well.

      You should just shut up Kenny-boy.

  2. Kenny-boy,

    from the New York Times, posted on “Free Republic”, I just now read it (10:20pm, 8-26-’20):
    “On Wednesday, a white teenager from across the state line in Illinois was arrested in connection to the shooting”

    What “misinformation” assho moron?

  3. With further information: 17yo, part of militia trying to protect businesses from further damage against kennny-boy’s AntiFA mob rioters, not from Chitcago, from Antioch, IL.

    1. Kenny-boy:
      This teenager was there to “support the police” and he “took out” 2 of your AntiFA “cop-killer-gang”, your mind (what is left of it) must be in turmoil.

    2. Kenny-boy,
      you are an AntiFA ENABLER, you have stated profusely, there are NO “GOOD” COPS, you have said that all cops are NO good because all cops ENABLE and support the bad cops so …NO cops are “good” (unless they are dead?), so …your hatred ENABLES AntiFA, just as all cops ENABLE bad cops.

      You are a pitiful hateful scumbag.

    1. m:
      na, the idiot dumbocrap, but I repeat myself, is “projecting”, his “genitals” are so small they are “inverted” and he thinks all males have vaginas like his. Kenny-boy would probably like to “investigate”, and is prone to “natural trannys”.

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