Plenty of Americans have experienced unease and fear with the riots, looting and civil disorder across America’s cities in recent weeks. Not only have good people stripped the shelves of guns and ammo, but more than a few have sought out training in how to use handguns for personal defense.

Anxious people have filled classes, eager to learn how to better protect their loved ones, regardless of potential risks from the Chinese flu.

GSL Defense Training, with nearly two dozen instructors, hosts intensive two-day classes for those seeking to learn the law of self-defense along with gun safety and firearm use.

In the classroom lectures, real lawyers teach the law without so much as a single Power Point slide. They answer good questions from knowledge-hungry students eager to learn the nuances of court decisions and their role upon Illinois deadly force statutes.

Malfunction clearing drills.
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Other instructors teach everything from safety to gun cleaning to conflict avoidance, de-escalation, post-shooting interventions and home safety and security.

Interspersed between lectures, students receive plenty of help from plentiful experienced instructors that are friendly and approachable. Many of the red-shirted staff bring skill sets they’ve picked up at some of the best nationally-known instructors and schools across America.

Students learn the fundamentals and then build upon those skill sets. The GSL Defense Training team often runs two ranges simultaneously to minimize down time for students and maximize skill-building.

Even running two ranges, there’s still plenty of staff to coach and answer questions.

And pretty soon, class participants see how the fundamentals lead to nice, tight shot strings – and their confidence grows.

By the end of the weekend, everyone has made new friends while experiencing the thrill of newfound empowerment. They know they can better control their own destinies. After all, a gun in the hand beats a cop across town (or across the county) when trouble pays to visit.