Murder City, USA lived up to its well-deserved nickname last weekend with 24 killed and scores more wounded.  Then earlier this week, Mayor Lightfoot acknowledged that a crush of 911 calls had overwhelmed both the 911 system and Chicago Police Department. But she also told her city’s residents that, if trouble comes their way, they should call 911 instead of using guns to defend themselves.

Because guns are icky.

Remember how Lightfoot couldn’t wait for her haircut (she didn’t have a pair of butter knives and a handy outlet available) during the shut-down order?  She couldn’t wait for a haircut.

But you – the little people – should wait on hold for a 911 operator and then wait a little longer for police to respond in a life-and-death emergency.

Lightfoot of course doesn’t have to wait for cops either.  She has scores of Chicago Police officers protecting her and her wife.

Block Club Chicago has the story.

Chicago Police were overwhelmed this weekend as people called 911 by the thousands in response to looting, vandalism and shootings across the city — but city leaders urged residents to remain calm…

“The Police Department was responding to these calls as best they could with a significant amount of additional resources on the South and the West sides,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said during a Monday press conference. “The challenge was it was everywhere. Everywhere.

“So if we had a police department three times the size it would have been difficult to keep up with the calls for service yesterday…”

The city’s 911 dispatchers fielded 65,000 calls for service Sunday — at times getting 1,000-2,000 calls every 30 minutes, Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot urged people to keep calling 911 — and not open fire on people.

“Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state,” Lightfoot said. “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

“We’ve seen tragedy happen in this country, and recently, when people felt like they could take matters into their own hands. … Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond. But I urge people to show restraint and do not take matters into your own hands.”

Don’t take the defense of yourself and your family into your own hands? How kind of the woman who has taxpayer-funded armed bodyguards surrounding her and her wife 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meanwhile, many Land of Lincoln families struggle just to put food on the table during the Chinese flu pandemic. Many would struggle to afford a gun, much less be able to afford armed bodyguards.

And now the wickedly violent City of Chicago, currently in a state of widespread anarchy, admits it cannot keep up with the staggering 911 call volume.

According to WTTW, Sunday’s 65,000 911 calls was about 50,000 more calls than normal.

Despite all that, Mayor Lightfoot tells her city’s residents not to use a gun to defend themselves, but to call the overwhelmed 911 system and wait — who knows how long? — for a cop with a gun to show up.

The whole story here reminds me with the classic Guns Save Life Burma Shave-style highway sign panel slogan set:

DIALED 9-1-1

16 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: If attacked, don’t use a gun. Call the 911… And wait. And wait.”
  1. If she(?) has a wife, does that make her the husband?
    Have had the unfortunate experience of hearing her(?) talk when WLS covers the updates. I use the word talk loosely. She(?) can barely get through one sentence without pausing two, three, or even more times. Not a single continuous sentence comes out of that mouth. It is painful to listen to, and I can’t change the station fast enough. Reminiscent of Obama.

  2. This is 911. What is your emergency? Would you like to make an appointment for tomorrow? I have between 10 and 1 available. Next time use 1911 not 911

  3. Have any of you seen this Red Dawn Alert ?

    Please take the time to listen and understand the Communist take down of our Country.

  4. She doesn’t say not to defend yourself at all. If you actually take a moment to read what this says. She is saying don’t run into the riot and try to make a citizens arrest. There is a big difference and this article is aimed at causing more division. Open your minds and turn off any political biases that the media and politicians have planted there. We citizens of this great country are more intelligent and than they give us credit for.

    1. Who wants to “make a citizen’s arrest” when some thugs are throwing bricks at you through your windows with intent to kill or severely maim you?

      If you “fear for your life”, rely on Mr. Glock for protection THEN call 911 to report criminal activity when you have time. When thugs are breaking in you won’t have time to wait on 911 operators to answer, let alone wait for the po-po to get there.

    2. Karl:
      from the article: “But she also told her city’s residents that, if trouble comes their way, they should call 911 instead of using guns to defend themselves.”

      Who, in their right mind, would “run into the riot and try to make a citizens arrest.”? Let the thugs be destructive like the moron Mayor wants, but don’t bother her with your problems, call the overwhelmed 911 system and wait,…and wait, …and wait,…

      You don’t comprehend written English and are trying to stir something up with your misinformation. Mayor lightweight is a mental moron and her constituents are the thugs and rioters, not the law-abiding citizens of Chitcago.

  5. Lightfoot takes a soft response with rioters, looters and other criminals, but takes a hard line against overworked and overwhelmed police. Disgusting.

  6. This Lady proves the conception that not only white people are Racist, it also proves two other things, Black Democrat leaders are incompetent and are Anti American! Funny how Black people follow the Democrat Party when it was the Southern democrats that started the Civil war by wanting too protect slavery! Democrat abortion laws have killed more Babies than guns ever will! any yet they are anti firearms

    1. kap:

      This ‘woman’ is NO “lady”, confirmed by her ongoing actions and especially her speech patterns, flagrant use of the F-bomb, calling out our President “with an ‘F’ and ending with a ‘U'”, mayor lightweight is a communist-sympathizing Antifa STOOGE that is allowing the destruction of one of America’s larger cities.

      DEFUND THE DEMOCRATS, the party of slavery, the KKK, institutionalized racism, progressive-liberalism, mental deficiency, and utter stupidity.

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