A lot of people thought Barack Obama earned the title of America’s best gun salesman. No more. Democrats, foaming at the mouth with chronic TDS, demanding more gun control and promising confiscations, along with a pandemic and, at the end of the month, nationwide rioting and looting, have caused gun sales to spike in May like never before.

Of course, we know plenty of people for whom happiness is a warm new gun. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation helped facilitate a whole lot of happiness across America last month.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) unit processed checks for merchants delivering over 1.6 million new guns into the hands of eager buyers. Yes, a lot of happiness indeed. And that doesn’t include the states where new background checks aren’t needed for sales to concealed carry permit holders.

Adding in checks completed for carry licenses and re-checks of existing licenses, the FBI NICS unit completed a total of over three million background checks, the third biggest month ever in the history of the program.

Furthermore, May 2020’s total of 1,604,236 firearm transactions background checks (as reported by the FBI) represented an 81% spike in guns sold over May 2019’s 887,319. Compared to the Obama years, May 2020 saw nearly twice as many guns sold as any May when the great healer occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Clearly Americans are voting with their wallets against the inflammatory rhetoric from many in the Democrat Party who want to ban the sale of America’s favorite guns. And even confiscate those already owned.

Americans know that guns protect families, children and businesses. Now more than ever.