The time for flowery talk and hugs is over. The nationwide orgy of looting has NOTHING to do with a cop in Minneapolis killing a black man.
It’s time for law enforcement in McLean County – and elsewhere across Illinois and America – to take action against looters.  These hooligans aren’t protesting at oh-dark-thirty. They’re opportunistic criminals. The police need to take action. If they can’t (or won’t because they’ve been hamstrung by local mayors or their appointed politician police chiefs), then with a few days America’s gun owners will take care of the problem.
Just as good guy gun owners did in Ferguson, MO a few years ago when politicians tied the cops’ hands behind their backs. Rioting in Ferguson ended within a day or two when gun owners, not cops, stood on rooftops and made it clear that arsonists would be promptly shot on sight. And maybe looters too.
Here in my hometown of Bloomington – Normal, tensions are high.

Walmart’s buttoned up in Normal, IL.  They expect to lose the place tonight. All knives, ammo, electronics have been put away. Surprised they haven’t done the same for the liquor. Boarded up doors and barricaded them.

The same for the jewelry stores, liquor stores and many other businesses. 

That’s not a vote of confidence for Mayors Koos and Renner or our local police for maintaining law and order.

And I’ve heard plenty of other similar reports of boarding up of businesses in other cities.  They don’t trust their local leadership or local police to maintain order either.

And that’s a shame.

2 thoughts on “Businesses show ‘no confidence’ in local political leaders and law enforcement to maintain order”
  1. What was crystal clear in Chicago was that the political leaders were clueless on how to handle this. What was worse was how the command staff in the Chicago police prepared for this. Years and years of political and racial promotions has castrated the department and left it with no one capable of handling any type of situation. The incompetence was shown over and over. Let’s use Deputy chief Cato as an example, a few years ago he was a sgt. Got a copy of the LTs test, and then was promoted to commander the deputy chief. You would ask what were his achievements at each rank that precipitated each promotion? The answer is nothing and his race. He was in charge of the west side this weekend, his decisions were dangerous and poorly thought out. He put so many officers in danger with what he thought he knew. What was his training in mass unrest events? What tactical training does he have? What experience does he have? The answer to all is none. He exemplifies the command staff in cpd. Now you understand why the city is destroyed. They never raised the ILEAS alarm system, because they have no idea what that even is. They never had the gas teams prepare for the riots, in fact Brown told the gas teams NOT to have gas on the vehicles. Democratic cities cannot survive it’s own agenda, when you put people in critical roles, it has to be based on ability, not politics and race. Chicago just showed what happens when you do that.

    1. I can not disagree with your comments but i don’t think they are Clueless; They are Communist. They are allowing and even supporting the looting and violence just like the Democrats did with the Riots of the 1960’s.

      The Democrat/Communist/Bolsheviks party used the Riots of the 60’s to push through gun control (68 GCA). Today they are using this to take down the entire country.

      An ALERT is being issued by a former member of the Multi jurisdictional task force. Claiming the Chinese is now helping the Rioters and a major move is being made against the country.

      I have no way of confirming this claim; either way, PLEASE PREPARE.

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