By Mike Keleher

I am an information and news junkie and like any junk food junkie, after getting my fill I am left feeling ill and distinctly unfulfilled.

I watched the national news about the Minnesota protests rolling into riots and widespread looting. Not surprised thugs and savages used the excuse to start widespread criminal behavior.

I also watched the idiot COVID mask wearing reporters and anchor desk talking heads use all of the liberal soft language about “protesters” and “unrest” involved with “social justice gatherings” when we were really talking about street criminals who were rioting, burning and looting. A lot of it looked “spontaneous” yet bus loads of rioters were hauled in and an awful lot of organized criminal behavior was observed being orchestrated by professional agitators.

I saw the Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightweight, make cooing and soothing sounds about the riots in Minneapolis on Friday and her solidarity with protesters-even after it had turned so destructive. Her office announced on Saturday Chicago Police would no longer enforce COVID type rules to break up groups of 10 or more people. I thought “Wow” this was the equivalent of seeing a highway flagger urging oncoming traffic to go faster. Later Saturday night, I got to see the same mayor of Chicago on TV acting amazed her city was now under siege while only WGN Channel 9 carried live footage.

A Chicago curfew was instituted and I kept watching TV news to see when the Chicago Police were going to be allowed to go all 1968 Democratic Convention on the criminals who were not only committing property crimes, but were assaulting and beating police. Did you see the police horse that was hit in the nose by a thrown brick? Hey! That’s animal abuse! You could get in big trouble for that buster! (On another ridiculous side note I saw a self broadcast video clip from a rioter who stole a Chicago Police horse and was riding it in the middle of a downtown street while broadcasting live. Yep Social Justice at it’s finest, because we are fed up with…um…uh..police horses who are always..oh never mind.)

Oh how I wanted to see the liberal use of tear gas-the best kind of liberalism! I saw a post from a young relative on Facebook stating “They are using tear gas on 8 year olds in LA!” That’s the wonderful thing about tear gas, it is equal opportunity system-it does not discriminate. That is some social justice in a can! If you are bringing your children to a riot there could be consequences! Who knew?

It was so hard to gauge the size of this thing on Saturday. I soon realized the two or three news crews staring at one fire or one group of police had no ability to keep up with the enormity of the crimes being committed.

On Monday morning, the little mayor of Chicago held a news conference and read off statistics that are pretty amazing and certainly not documented by the media. According to old Blood and Guts Lightfoot, the Chicago 911 center received 10,000 calls related to looting. Ten thousand! That seems to indicate to me there was a relatively large amount of this activity going on-did you get that from your media outlet?

On Sat/Sun the Chicago 911 center received 62,000 calls for help in just 24 hours (50,000 more calls than weekend Chicago normal) and 699 looting arrests and made sure to tell the listening audience if they have complaints about the police conduct to be sure and call it in and have it investigated.

She also talked about all of Chicago neighborhoods receiving equal enforcement (tell that one with a straight face), how they could not have responded to all the calls for help even if they had triple the number of officers, and what she did not mention was the good old fashioned Chicago rule that was instituted known as “when the cat’s away, the mice will play.” On the south and west side this weekend while the police were tied up trying to hold the civilization together from one faction of criminals, the normal criminals shot 82 people and killed 19. Has anyone started to riot over those numbers of murders?

Oh by the way for those not able to see the scoreboard from their seats at home, the 2020 Year to date score in Chicago per 218 shot and killed, 953 just shot. Nothing to see here Mayor. Oh and to be fair to those claiming to be so sick of police killings, Chicago police shot and killed 3 and wounded 2 other criminals this year. Just 5 people? Who do you supposed shot the other 1166 human beings this year? It remains a mystery.

Following the Saturday night Chicago fires and looting, Sunday gave us two big items. First the Justice Department announced they were classifying Antifa as a terrorist organization-a move that should have been made back under the Obama administration (oops, for those following along in their coloring books you may see that was of course not possible!) The second Sunday item was the spread of rioting and looting across the rest of Illinois from north to south. It was so scattered, it was impossible for news sources to keep up with it all-even a day later if it didn’t happen in Chicago there is not much notice in the media.

I started looking to Facebook groups and posts on Sunday to try and get an idea how big this had all spread. The problem there of course is a lot of it is rumor based and not vetted-turns out it was more accurate than TV news! By Sunday night the TV on air reporters were now wearing helmets with face shields…and COVID masks in the open air.

Emboldened by the Chicago successes with very few ramifications, looting broke out in many suburbs and large cities like Rockford, Champaign and Peoria. Could it happen in your town too? The local emergency law of Rem 870, sub section 12 ga was instituted in many Illinois homes that evening.

Such wanton criminal destruction, scattered across the entire nation. It saddens us all, and we have to ask what is really going on. Is the media just fanning the flames they want to promote? Of course they are.

When will it all end? Well apparently none of the Sunday looters had to quit early to get up and go to work on Monday.

Is there anything good that has come from any of this timeline? Yes, I think there is. I think the COVID pandemic is over in America.

2 thoughts on “Riots and Looting across Illinois-is there anyone who did not see this coming?”
  1. I did see some of the looting crowd with their PC “anti-virus masks” on but think it was more to disguise identity rather than fear of contracting the waning commie-china-virus-flu.

    I do notice the lib-iot media are threatening a massive commie-china-flu outbreak soon after these anarchist riots subside, maybe in what, 2 weeks?

  2. If there is one silver lining to this mess, the (illegitimate) question of why we “need” AR-15s and standard capacity magazines has been rendered entirely moot.
    Many anti-gun folks are rapidly getting religion. If it was a rush before the rioting, it must be an avalanche now.

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