We didn’t hear much about a Moms Demand Action-branded promo graphic that we ran in the April issue of GunNews.  Not until a 20-year-old college kid sent me a nasty text, accusing *us* of racism for running it.

“How about you stop discriminating against black men? Your ad is racist as f***. You’re an absolute joke of a f****** man. Disgusting.” 

I wrote up that story and put it at Guns Save Life’s website.  And all hell has broken loose.

Social media is everywhere, and those savvy about gun control’s racist past and present picked up on the racist bent in the ad.  A whole lot organizations shared the post.

The Moms Demand Action head Karen spends a lot of time on social media.  And Saturday afternoon Big Karen posted this on Twitter.  (Screen cap’d in case she deletes the post.)

Is that like a Karen version of Shaggy’s “It wasn’t me” song?

For those who don’t want to watch the 90s tune about a guy caught red-handed sleeping with the girl next door, well, he got caught.   And the whole time, despite a mountain of evidence, he tries to gaslight his girlfriend by claiming, “It wasn’t me.”  Hence the name of the tune.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t her.  Maybe it was one of her local groups.

We don’t know for sure.  At the same time, we don’t have any direct evidence it wasn’t her.

So we’ll say, okay.  It wasn’t you.  And we won’t publish it and directly attribute it in any way to Moms Demand Action.

4 thoughts on “‘IT WASN’T ME’: Shannon Watts denies racist promo piece belonged to Moms Demand Action”
  1. Does anyone believe a goddamn thing Shannon Watts says? How many times have we read she was just a housewife ironing her husbands shirts when she decided to start Moms Demand Action… Did she rent that title from the video store’s backroom porn selection, by the way?

  2. You sound more and more leftist as time goes on! The obvious question is: “well where did you get the graphic?” “What is your connection between that graphic and Moms Demand Action?” If this is your attempt at a retraction I suggest you try again. If you made a mistake why don’t you just man up and say it?

    I’m a man and I admit to my mistakes. As I have once admitted previously I was terribly mistaken about the former MMA fighter known as War Machine. When you first posted that story on the pornstar he beat the hell out of I said I don’t believe it for a minute. I have now watched an hour long video produced by Jim can’t swim on YouTube and I was wrong. He beat that woman near to death and the man she was sleeping with too.

  3. Shannon Watts and her ilk would never print a retraction deserved or not. Let ’em eat cake! Stale cake!

  4. You just refuse to print a retraction. The only other site that has that image posted is ar-15.com, a forum for gun nuts… In a thread where they were making racist, albeit satirical memes. This was one of those images. That fact that you took money, and posted an ad for this in your magazine shows that you are incapable of running a magazine. The fact that you blamed “Moms demand action” even though that it is in no way likely that they had absolutely anything to do with this shows that you are incapable of critical thinking. Jesus, just post a retraction, I didn’t think you could make yourself look more stupid with this specific debacle, but here we are. You should update both posts with a header that shows you made a mistake, no big deal. It’s not a good look for gun owners that you’re the one representing them. I like guns, I don’t like dishonesty.

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