Three young men took a little time out from their online course work in cancer medicine last week to invade a home in Neptune Beach, Florida. Keep in mind they did this in full knowledge that a huge percentage of people are at home right now during the China virus lockdown.

A few seconds later, one of the intruders delivered his best impression of Superman, vaulting over the second-floor balcony to soar through the air like a sack of potatoes.  Yes, he and his cohorts seemed VERY eager to reestablish proper social distancing.

The home owner’s Ring camera caught it all, including the third suspect who literally ran out of his pants attempting to get away after the home owner opened fire.

The Neptune Beach Police released the video in efforts to identify two of the three home invaders. One member of the trio earned at least one gunshot wound. His buddies dumped him at a nearby hospital.

The Florida Times-Union brings the details:

Two young men are being sought after a resident wounded a third intruder during a Tuesday-evening break-in at the Park Place apartment complex at 1000 Third St. in Neptune Beach, police said.

Dramatic security camera video shows the three armed men forcing their way into the apartment during an apparent robbery, according to the Neptune Beach Police Department.

Seconds later three shots ring out. A resident inside shot one of them, police said. The trio runs out the door, one leaping over a second-story balcony to escape, the video shows. At least three more shots are heard as the three flee, escaping in a red Kia 4-door sedan.

Fortunately the homeowner in this instance had a little bit of warning, with the two failed attempts at forcing the front door.  He needed it to react before the three intruders made it inside.

The three quickly entered after the first man forced the door open. And about six or seven seconds later, the homeowner fired three shots in rapid succession then a fourth.

But Shannon Watts will tell you this ‘good guy with a gun’ is all make-believe. (Another link)  As if the moon landing was faked as well.

Moments later, the intruders’ hasty retreat proved priceless to watch. Especially the first guy who eagerly vaulted the balcony rail onto the ground below.

Folks, home invasions can happen anywhere, and at any time. Like the one in a nice neighborhood in Arlington Heights, Illinois last weekend.

Carry your safety rescue tool all the time. Even at home.

5 thoughts on “Florida home invaders comedy gold as they try to re-establish social distancing [VIDEO]”
  1. Dumba** didn’t even try the door knob first to see if it might have been unlocked. They must not teach that in their college courses.

  2. “Video may be disturbing to some.” LOL! Disturbing? It made me very happy.

    But then again, I’m going to hell. Too bad the victim didn’t have John Wick’s accuracy. This story needed more leaking and less getaways.

  3. Notice there was almost no time for the homeowner to retrieve his defensive firearm. The moral is to carry every minute, even when at home.

  4. I liked this so much I came back to watch it again this morning. Superman… flies higher than a sack of potatoes and lands about the same. Thanks for brightening up my morning.

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