With less than 18 hours’ notice, the Champaign, Illinois city council passed an emergency powers ordinance Friday morning, which Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen signed. The ordinance grants sweeping powers to the mayor, including the ability to order a ban on selling, transferring, or even giving away firearms or ammunition.

Some would-be authoritarians at the home of the University of Illinois think they can suspend citizens’, students’, and visitors’ Second Amendment rights on the whim of a small town mayor during a national emergency.

But wait, there’s much, much more.

For a complete directory of council members and contact information, CLICK HERE.

The measure gives the mayor the power to:

  • Order the closure of all liquor stores, taverns and private clubs. Or portions thereof where alcohol is consumed.
  • Ban all alcohol sales by any wholesaler or retailer.
  • Ban the sale of fuels except to fill motor vehicles. Need gas for your generator? Sorry.
  • “Order the control, restriction and regulation within the City by rationing, issuing quotas, fixing or freezing prices, allocating the use, sale or distribution of food, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods or services or the necessities of life”

Because price controls and rationing have worked so well in places like Venezuela. (See also:  Venezuela: This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace.) The

  • Order City employees or agents, on behalf of the City, to take possession of any real or personal property of any person, or to acquire full title or such lesser interest as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency, and to take possession of and for a limited time, occupy and use any real estate to accomplish alleviation of the disaster, or the effects thereof;

The mayor and city council seem to be unfamiliar with inconvenient aspects of the Constitution such as the Third and Fourth Amendments.

Yes, this ordinance grants powers right out of a dictator’s playbook.  To some nobody mayor of a small town in America.  Yeah, like that’s going to fly.

The list of new powers goes on.  And on.  You can read the entire document here (see Exhibit A).

Additional listings include the ability to “control, restrict, allocate, or regulate the use, sale, production, or distribution of food, water, fuel, clothing, and/or other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.”   Yes, seizing products for redistribution.  Does that sound familiar?

Can you say “CUBA”?

Another:  “Suspend or limit burning of any items or property with the City limits and up to two (2) miles outside the corporate limits.”  You want to tell me I can’t fire up a cigar in my back yard?  Or my firepit?  Especially within two miles outside of the city limits?   Go self-procreate, Mayor Lil Debbie Feinen.  With a cactus.

Yet another:  Require the continuation, termination, disconnection, or suspension of natural gas, electrical power, water, sewer, communication or other public utilities or infrastructure.

Yep, she wants the ability to shut off your utilities.  What a nice woman.

One glaring business class that the mayor can’t arbitrarily shut down or seized: marijuana dispensaries.  Pot smokers rejoice.

Meanwhile, to enforce the new ordinance, Champaign’s mayor has her own little army in the form of about 135 police officers.  How many of those officers would enforce mayoral “emergency decrees” running directly afoul of the US Constitution remains unknown.

In a former job years ago, I used to work with a number of Champaign city police officers. There were some outstanding people on that department, but many of the ones I knew have likely retired by now.

Unless there has been a wholesale change in attitudes on the department, I suspect the majority of Champaign cops will uphold their oaths and refuse to enforce any edicts suspending the Second Amendment for law-abiding residents trying to defend themselves during a national emergency.

When push comes to shove, I suspect Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen will have to (illegally) pick up one of the Champaign PD’s rifles and enforce her own decrees if she wants to see them stand.

Plenty of us would pay good money to see that happen.  No doubt plenty of local gun owners would tell her to pound sand.

Will the Champaign City Council reverse themselves on this measure if they feel enough heat about the move? Time will tell.  Lord knows they are getting pushback aplenty.  News of the ordinance has garnered national publicity.

The Second Amendment exists to stop petty tyrants from abusing and oppressing our fellow Americans.  If the government won’t live by the rule of law, America’s gun owners will help government get with the program.  Or else remove them from power.

20 thoughts on “Champaign, IL city council enacts sweeping “emergency-powers” ordinance that allows bans on gun, ammo sales, and more”
  1. WOW! And the democrats accuse President Trump of being an “autocratic dictator”? The city council needs a crash coarse in Constitutional law along with emergency English “meaning of words” in the Constitution! These people need backlash from the entire country, but especially from the constituents who voted them into office!

  2. Did you read the article in today’s News-Gazette where they clarified what this was, that they have no intention of violating any constitutional rights?
    Why was that not included in this article?

    1. Clarified? You mean their statement that tried to gaslight people into thinking that the ordinance didn’t say what it said?


    2. KK:
      “have no intention of violating any constitutional rights?”, then WHY is it included into this ordinance, last updated in 2006?, including confiscation of real (real estate, aka: land, homes) and other property with no mention of “compensation” for said property. And this ordinance is crafted after similar wording in statutes of the State of Ill-anoy? Who is it that calls President Trump a “dictator”?

      Keep your firearms loaded, plenty of ammunition, and be “well regulated” ” (aka: well versed, practiced, in the use of your firearms, including your AR-14’s, AK-15’s, etc. haha ala: J.Biden)

      This is more serious than the pandemic, this pandemic will pass like others have in the past, a few deaths and many recoveries, but this ordinance will live on past this “emergency”, think about it. How many citizens knew about this ordinance before now?

    3. Was only suggesting that it should have been included in this article, not that it was necessarily valid or meaningful.

  3. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I spend another nickel in champaign, IL.

  4. “I suspect the majority of Champaign cops will uphold their oaths and refuse to enforce any edicts suspending the Second Amendment for law-abiding residents trying to defend themselves during a national emergency.”

    As goo ol’ Sherman Potter used ta say, “HORSE HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    For you non-Boomers, that means BULLSQUIRT!

    DO you think Champaign Cops are different from New Orleans cops?

    Do you NOT remember what happened during Katrina?

    You can still go to youtube and watch the video of those healthy young PIGS absolutely ATTACKING that lovely septugenarian Grandma for her lil peashooter. Those guys abide the Constitution?

    You give a NAZI a badge and a gun and he’s not gonna do anything but “follow orders” or whatever he thinks he can get away with in the heat of the moment.

    Good men don’t become cops anymore. BULLIES do. And grown men who got beat up a lot when they were kids. And wahmen – who should NEVER be allowed to be cops. See, e.g.,


    You see it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on YOUTUBE!

    Maybe the SHERIFF. MAYBE. But I shore as heck wouldn’t bank my life on it.

    Cops are cops. Cops are BAD universally.

    Just wait and see. In a month, one of two things will happen: We’ll come back to this thread and you’ll see posted examples of police BRUTALITY, or you’ll see posted instances of COP KINDNESS.

    Anyone wanna bet on it?

    I’m bettin’ on it. I’m buggin’ the fawk OUT A HERE!

    1. Ken!!!!
      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, GO AWAY AND TAKE YOUR “ALTER-EGOs” WITH YOU, ALLL OF YOUR SPLIT PERSONALITIS!! We are sooooo disgusted with all of you KEN-BOY troll-dolls posting on this web site. Take a long drive off of a short pier. SAYANARA, ADIOS, FARE-THE-NOT-WELL, GOOD RIDDANCE, ARE YOU GONE YET?

    2. I think ken was bullied in school, and it traumatized to this day. To say that only bullies become cops is so ridiculous it’s hardly worth a response.

    3. GSL, you been smoking that crack again? You’re getting less intelligent and less and less articulate as time goes by!

      Early onset?

      Good! See what Wuhan Flu does to you in the nursing home.

      And shut the he!! up, you amateur, unintelligent hack.

      It took me all of 7 seconds to find this:


      Despite your angry, unintelligent diatribe, you never did answer my question: DO YOU THINK CHAMPAIGN COPS ARE ANY BETTER THAN NEW ORLEANS COPS?

      Did you see what the “honorable” law enforcement officers did during Katrina? You see what Champaign’s mayor is undertaking RIGHT NOW?

      If you cannot acknowledge this, you’re dumber than you sound.

      And you also still haven’t answered my question in my previous post: WHEN IS IT acceptable for a middle-aged man to call another man’s beautiful and lovely daughter a “thot” because the first man disagrees with the second man’s politics?

      Or are you just going to launch into one of your insane screeds again?

      *Ken WAS bullied in school. He became a man in 5th grade when he confronted his greatest fear, fighting the BIGGEST kid in his class (200# in 5th grade) and WINNING! Realizing he had NOTHING to fear at all. And that was it for worrying about other men hurting him, especially when KEN hit 6’4″ and 225#.

    4. Kenny-boy dr.ho, the “Christian”, ken!!,

      Just HOW MANY “alter ego’s” do you have? …and YOU call ME an “amateur, unintelligent hack” when YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW who you want to BE from one post to the next???? You are a “mental midget” extraordinaire, and every time you change identities you display it in 50 point type!

      Why don’t you just go someplace where you are actually welcome? DU underground would really like your perverted diatribe and you would fit right in with those wackadoodles.

      There is no point in “answering” your idiotic questions because you would pervert all statements to your twisted mentality.

      JUST GO AWAY, Kenny-boy dr.ho mental midget TROLL.

      BTW: YOU are the only one who referred to ANYONE as “THOT”, why bring this idiotic subject up AGAIN, unless of course, you are “less intelligent and less and less articulate as time goes by” (your words) “Early onset?”

      Kenny-boy:, you must be gazing into the mirror as you post this bull manure AGAIN! Can’t get enough of your pretty (UGLY) face, can you? Arrogance? It fits you.

  5. See: Bateman v Perdue:
    The Bateman v. Perdue case was won by Bateman in 2012 in North Carolina in U.S District Court. This case was originally filed in 2010, challenging a gun ban that had been placed against carrying guns during a state of emergency. A judge ruled that the state of emergency gun ban was unconstitutional because according to his judgment, the second amendment does not refer to in-home use only. This state of emergency gun ban law put the citizens at risk by not allowing them access to self defense methods at a time when they would be most needed.
    City of Champaign is clearly in violation.

    1. I agree with your post, but Bolsheviks “Do Not Care, about a Rule of Law” if they did, then we would not have the gun control laws that we have today.

      “Shall” is a Command.
      “Not” is a Prohibition.
      “Infringed” in the Law at the Time of the writing of the Second article of amendment Implies Trespass which is Entry and Transgress which is Encroachment.

      Thus we have a Commanding Prohibition into the Entry and Encroachment of the “Right” to Keep and Bear Arms.

      But you do not see that, Do You?

      Government has lost its moral authority to Govern. The rule of law isn’t about justice its a “Right too Self-Defense”

  6. Is this virus a fraud or just an excuse to steal the wealth of the people ?

    I just watched a video of Mexicans smuggling toilet paper across the border to the USA.

    Apparently the Virus doesn’t effect Mexicans ?

    1. i don’t know if the virus is a hoax or not, but the Bolsheviks are darn sure making hay out of this crisis.

    1. Is that you, Kenny-boy? is this “m” just another “alter ego”? Thought you said you were leaving? Are you gone yet? Just leave and take all your alter-ego’s with you!!!

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