Never before has America effectively shut down as we’re seeing now. With schools and universities closed, sporting events cancelled or postponed, and even elections pushed back, society has an uneasy feeling about it. No doubt those who lost their jobs with these closures face an uncertain, but stressful immediate future.

In stores, anxious, frazzled shoppers stripped shelves bare of all the staples.

And toilet paper. You would think the Chinese Wuhan flu caused frequent, violent pooping or something.

Making matters worse for many, Governor Pritzker closed all restaurants and bars, throwing more people out of work and sending still more people looking for food on empty grocery store shelves.

Meanwhile, life has changed for now.

Most of our Guns Save Life family could be described as preparedness oriented. We have pretty much everything we need for our families. And then some.

In the coming days, we should help look out for our friends, family and neighbors. This goes especially those dealing with illnesses, the elderly and those with small children for starters. Those who lost their jobs as a result of government mandated closures may need some short-term help as well.

We should also check on our local medical clinics. If you have extra unopened boxes of N95 masks or other personal protective gear (gloves,  etc.), you might contact your local medical clinics, especially those small-town doctor’s offices you frequent.

Ask if they have enough personal protective gear, and if not, offer to donate some. An extra 50 or 100 masks might be a godsend to a local clinic. And after all, keeping your doc or your kid’s pediatrician (and their staff) healthy is in your best interests in case you need their help later. Tell them you’re part of Guns Save Life and give them our very best.  Obviously smaller clinics and offices will appreciate this more than large hospital complexes, so offer accordingly.

The same for health professionals who have closed offices.  Dentists and other professionals may have quantities of personal protection equipment.  Consider donating a significant portion of those to your local medical center.

It’s the righteous and noble thing to help where you can. It’s the American thing to do.

America will make it through this.

We’re betting on America to win and overcome this difficult crisis. You would be a fool not to do the same.