by John Boch
In a recent meeting with some Illinois federally licensed gun dealers (now state-licensed as well), the Illinois State Police announced they would begin enforcing the “Section 24-4. Register of sales by dealer” under the Illinois Deadly Weapons statute.

This section of the 720 ILCS 5/24-4 requires gun dealers to record the date of the sale along with the name, address, age and occupation of the person to whom a handgun is sold/given. Furthermore, dealers must also record the price of the gun, the gun’s description and the purpose for which it is purchased.

Violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor, and would also be a violation of the new Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act (GDLA). Violations of the new GDLA law are punishable with up to a $10,000 civil penalty for each violation.

So frankly, the trivial Class B misdemeanor penalties might pose the least of a dealer’s concerns. Especially since the dealer is also on the hook for that “up to $10,000 civil penalty” if an employee fails to record the purchaser’s occupation, the price paid and purpose for acquiring the handgun.

(720 ILCS 5/24-4) (from Ch. 38, par. 24-4)
Sec. 24-4. Register of sales by dealer.
(a) Any seller of firearms of a size which may be concealed upon the person, other than a manufacturer selling to a bona fide wholesaler or retailer or a wholesaler selling to a bona fide retailer, shall keep a register of all firearms sold or given away.
(b) Such register shall contain the date of the sale or gift, the name, address, age and occupation of the person to whom the weapon is sold or given, the price of the weapon, the kind, description and number of the weapon, and the purpose for which it is purchased and obtained.
(c) Such seller on demand of a peace officer shall produce for inspection the register and allow such peace officer to inspect such register and all stock on hand.
(d) Sentence.
Violation of this Section is a Class B misdemeanor.
(Source: P.A. 77-2638.)
[Emphasis added.]

84 thoughts on “ATTENTION ILLINOIS GUN DEALERS: ISP to enforce Handgun Registry law”
  1. seriously how dumb are you people in Springfield? Do you not understand that doing all of this will not keep guns away from criminals? All you are doing is making hard on the law abiding citizens to purchase and gun.

    1. That’s the whole point of doing this, to disarm and discourage law abiding people from owning guns. This is part of the sick, diseased leftist agenda. If anyone needs proof here it is….. None of these anti gun law bills ever mention going after criminals, gangs, or nuts. They never mention stiffer sentences for bad people using guns, etc.

      The liberal / RINO politicians in Illinois LOVE when a mass killing takes place. It’s the chance to exploit the dead and push the agenda for more restrictions. Sadly the imbecile sheep voters keep re electing or voting in more of these totalitarian control freaks.

    2. You are a psycho who needs to be locked up. Even the majority of NRA members support tougher background checks. Stop drinking Fox news kool aid. No one is taking your shiny little toys away and before you insult me I’ve fought for this country

    3. Cary Simmons-
      You’re retarded! This is Liberal bullshit at it’s best. Would this law have stopped any of the recent mass shooting’s? NOPE!!! I’ll have no problem insulting you, because you seem not to have a problem insulting others…Oh, and I’m a Combat Veteran, but that doesn’t mean my opinion holds more weight because I choose to serve my country. Typical Liberal that has double standards and are hipracrits…What was your MOS CARY? Lol

    4. Anybody with any damn since at all know the democrats would love nothing more than to take law biding citizens guns away it really doesn’t matter if you have fought for this Country or not open you’re eyes dumbass

    5. Saying that folks who disagree with you need to be locked up seems to be a leftist theme. Stalin would be proud.

    6. Hey look. One of the gun grabbing liberals has found their way to our little corner of the world. Looks how they say “No one is taking your shiny little toys away” while supporting crazy, unconstitutional laws that do precisely that.

      I would love to see the outrage on her face if Republicans took over Illinois and started taking away abortion rights. She would probably put on a mask, beat someone with a bike lock, and stand in front on a Republican legislator’s home with a bullhorn.

      Go away nut case. Adults are talking.

    7. Any sanctions or any paper that i should fill out is an infringement. What do people dont under stand is the infringement shall not be of any sort your scared get something to protect you and your loved ones guns are always going to end up in a criminals hand regardless of this BS. Just like gun free zones you think criminals care well if you did you would be packing. Least ill give you a call to tell you someone is coming with a gun. You call the police and it takes them over ten min. To get to you but he arrives 2 min after your call what will happen run hid call them back dead to late. Thats why you shouldn’t depend on you government.

    8. Cary Simmons-
      Wow, very impressive. Your argument is so poor and full of rhetoric you need to swing your veteran status around to keep people from picking on you. Please return with a better argument next time, oh and before you insult me, I’m a taxpayer.

    9. MY RESPONSE TO CARY’S COMMENTS ON MY ORIGINAL POST….. Cary, I’m thinking your reply is just a hit and run and I doubt you’ll be back and I don’t think you can go toe to toe in this debate but just in case here goes…..So you’re giving me a reminder “before you insult me ” after you insult me by calling me a psycho that needs to be locked up, a FOX News Kool Aid drinker, and implying that my lawfully owned firearms are shiny little toys like I’m a small child ? OK, got it.

      I’ll leave the insults to you because it’s obvious you have no legitimate argument or facts whatsoever so all you can do, all you have is insults. No problem, this is common with people who are anti gun. Iv’e seen this for decades.

      I’ve been a life member of the NRA for 30 + years and have yet to be surveyed on what my views are on tougher background checks. I don’t know any fellow members that have been surveyed either. Thats just some of the non sense the anti gun crowd throws out to prop up they’re unpopular agenda.

      Here are some facts. The last few mass murderers passed background checks, criminals get guns without background checks and will continue to do so, and if you look at EVERY SINGLE BILL putting more restrictions on firearms you’ll see not single word is mentioned anywhere about going after criminals, gangs, drug dealers, etc. WHY ? How is more gun control supposed to be the answer if it doesn’t go after those that use guns to do harm ?

      If you can please explain why the politicians only put up things that will be followed by those who don’t break the law. Please explain why hardcore anti gun politicians NEVER promise to dismiss they’re own armed security to show us how we don’t need guns.

      I respectfully ask that you consider these things and take another look at who is really drinking the Kool Aid.

    10. I still haven’t heard dear ol carry say their mos mine is 0317 recon sniper special ops fast team Marine Corp…punk azz carry is a fraud…

    11. Guys it’s not just the left it’s the whole government. Left,right dems or repsThey all work together.

    12. Cary Simmons, I’m a disabled veteran and I’m also former law enforcement. I have stopped a bad guy with a gun by using my gun to protect innocents. It’s a sad reality that we live in where our own government condones murdering babies pretty much at birth but want to deny innocent law abiding citizens the right to protect themselves. It is delusional of you to think I’ll willingly turn in my firearms when approximately 83% of violent felons have access to fully automatic firearms. but then again I’m sure you’re also a strong proponent of indoctrinating children in school along with the socialist whitewashing history books also.

    13. Our legislators use what I call political sense in promulgating legislation. They quickly look at the surface of a problem, and then they pass poorly crafted legislation that may be unconstitutional. They have complained that the constitution has stood in their way before, and thank goodness it was there. With the new Illinois Gun Dealer Law, they simply want to put as many dealers out of business as possible with onerous restrictions and requirements in order to restrict as many firearm sales as possible. The dumocraps have been using the back door approach for several years with increasing frequency, and we should expect more of it.

    14. Illinois doesn’t care. It is ultimately all about firearm confiscation by the socialists.

    15. I am not from Illinois, but one need not be to see these kinds of laws as totalitarian. Just the first step I’m afraid. Now they are asking for ignorant garbage in order to impose ridiculous fines for what? I forget to list the purchasers occupation. Hmmmmm. What bearing does this have on my purchase of a firearm? What, if I work for the postal service I am a high risk for workplace violence? Personally I am a disabled amputee. I have no occupation. So they see No Occupation. Am I identified as high risk because I am jobless. Maybe I have some grievance against a former employer based on this? So I high risk? Simple personal protection and target shooting to maintain a proficiency level to avoid accidents. The 2nd Amendment is there so that we are able to fight against threats both foreign, which is currently an issue with the flood of illegals entering this country and high number of muslims and other radical anti Constitutional laws. Second Domestic Threats. We are currently Under Attack from our own government who is currently seeking to take away our ability to purchase and own firearms. The first step in Hitlers plan to rule Europe and fo the Third Reich was to take away firearms from German citizens. This eliminated the ability of German citizens to defend themselves.
      They pass these laws but once they get them, they will claim it does not do enough they need to go further and further until they take our forearms. Our ability to own and possess firearms is not just a Right but a Duty. We All have a Duty to protect our families and our homes. We have a Duty to preserve our way of life which is under attack from foreigners in our government and Sympathizers of these foreign family members and friends. For example Hispanic senators and reps are sympathetic toward the current Southern border violaters. Sadly they are in office due to illegal voters who come here Not for jobs or s better life. They have come here for the welfare, food stamps, free medical. Some say education but that is a small percentage. None of them want to speak English. Assimilation is a foreign concept to these new illegals. Used to be the goal. Becoming an American citizen was an honor. It still should be. However our liberal deep state and their desire to create a new welfare state and Social/Communist system males this country a disgrace and less desirable. I am a natural born citizen. White Christian Male
      Yes a dinosaur among citizens of the U.S. Also a Veteran of the U.S. Army
      Things happening leave me sick and ready to find a better place to live.
      I will defend my 2nd Amendment Guarantee until I Die…. The real problem is that these secular Morons think they can rewrite Christian based laws, just as they are doing with the Bible. Gods Laws Trump All…

    16. This is exactly what they want! It worked very in Poland at the begenning othewar. Registration and confis, thats the plan!

    17. I dare the state’s attorney’s in Cook and Sangamon counties to enforce this provision against a gang member or convicted felon. It’s simple. They can’t because these people don’t buy from dealers. Only people fearful of felons and gang members buy guns from dealers.

  2. Definitely a “Gun Registry” forming a data base. One of the reasons I got out of the business. I will not do something such as this to one of my former clients.
    This State and JB are a large crap pile. As soon as I can I will be moving from this state. Never to look back.
    Remember this at election time and vote the bastards out.

  3. The intent is pretty clear: gather a record of gun buyers so straw purchases can be prosecuted. Great. Got it. Still bullshit.

    All this will do is drive up prices of black market guns and increase the numbers coming in from out of state. It will not, in any way, curb gun violence.

  4. I own part of a family farm that’s been in the family since 1857. I have converted 80 acres into wildlife habitat with hardwoods, prairie grass and a nesting pond. I also converted the barn into a house by myself and the help of relatives that would come over and hold a board or drive a nail. I have my dream and my heritage and both are being taken away by the ignorant corrupt government in Illinois. Because of the unaffordable taxes and now the unconstitutional assault on my 2nd amendment rights I will have no choice but to give up 162 years of heritage and leave this state. I’m not asking for anyone to feel sorry for I’ve done my parti I’ve voted in every election for 42 years. The problem is I’ve had to hold my nose and vote for 40 of the 42 years. It just makes me sick!

  5. This has been the law since 2012? Does this apply to any seller, and not just dealers?

  6. One day they will overturn our 2nd amendment. I will not submit. Ready to pay any consequence. Law abiding citizen for 41 years. Take away my 2nd ammendment, ,I will become a criminal. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Fight these communist Pigs

  7. I live in Michigan,ive had to register every gun i own.I dont care,nothing to hide.The left always says”Dont you care about the school kids,concert goers etc…that were shot?”Of course i do but it doesnt have anything to do with the gun.Its the crazy person pulling the trigger.They will never take my guns.The slippery slope has begun.Hey,maybe send some illegal aliens to take the guns..hmm,might clean up some of the dead wood.Of course,i dont mean any of this,its all hypothetical.Right.

    1. And that why you you have to register your firearms because you don’t care so when they say you have to register your bullets in register your magazine and register your trigger you still not going to care

  8. Cary Simmons-
    You’re retarded! This is Liberal bullshit at it’s best. Would this law have stopped any of the recent mass shooting’s? NOPE!!! I’ll have no problem insulting you, because you seem not to have a problem insulting others…Oh, and I’m a Combat Veteran, but that doesn’t mean my opinion holds more weight because I choose to serve my country. Typical Liberal that has double standards and are hipracrits…What was your MOS CARY? Lol

  9. Today its handguns, tomorrow its everything else.

    This is the first step of confiscation. Illinois is not fit to live in. Chicago has so screwed over this state that we will be broke, homeless and disarmed.

    This will only effect those people with peaceful intentions. If you want to help stop this assault on our liberty then stop doing business in Illinois.

    JB and his merry band of Bolsheviks want to rule like little dictators but if we do business outside the state we deprive them of their bounty.

    If you live near a border state buy your groceries, cloths and gas out of state.

    Spread the word boycott Illinois.

  10. Gun dealers already register and take all the information about the person making the purchase. How stupid! Illinois you guys need to get all your elected official out of there. Mexico has strict gun control. Only the rich, celebrities and politicians can own them. The Mexican government, police,army and criminals can do anything they want with the people! Think about that you stupid American fools!

  11. Yeah,Mr.Hero Cary is one of those guys who thinks he has infinate knowledge because he was in the military.Big deal,i was too but if anyone ever says thanks for your service,i tell them,i did it because i felt it was right…no need to thank me.I hate that “thank you for your service”shit.I didnt do it to be thanked…get a fing clue.God we have such shallow ppl here.

    1. Mike Allen, you know, I was always confused on how to respond to the “thank you for your service” thing. I kinda feel the same way about it, other than being watered down, it’s unnecessary. As far as the gun laws, no amount of restrictions will stop gun violence. Period.

    2. I agree with you. When are they going to realize that it’s not the Gun’s that are doing the killing. It’s the person that pull’s the trigger.

  12. No law’s will stop the criminal elliment. We need to get to the root cause of why some people don’t have any humility. There is a mass shooting every weekend in Illinois, it’s just not that important. Family breakdown, lack of respect or education. Call it what you want, it’s not the gun! Criminals just don’t care!

  13. Wasn’t most of this “required” information already documented when one filled out the 4473?
    The purpose for which it was purchased?? To shoot it, what else?

    1. The 4473 does not ask why a person is buying , what there job is, nor the price. All of which are irrelevant.

  14. It’s an old saying “when guns are outlawed outlaws will have guns.” Sad but true statement. Some of the biggest crooks have been politicians. That’s why the state is broke.

  15. How or where does the ISP have the manpower to check these records, or enforce it in any way? They certainly don’t have the manpower to handle all of the CCL renewals in the stated amount of time. Mine took nearly five months, and as of yet they still have not withdrawn the fee from my account.

  16. When the government knows who has guns, the government knows who to confiscate guns from!!! Thank heaven the criminals don’t abide by the laws, so bad guys have nothing to worry about with this new law!!!

  17. If your over 18 your a adult and it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. So I think it should be a requirement that everybody should carry a personal defense weapon. Remember a armed society is a polite society…

  18. I don’t understand the purpose of the Illinois Legislature in creating this document. All of the information required, except for the buyers occupation and expected majority of use.
    Back in the early 80’s I had a gun store in northern Indiana. Every gun sale required a state form to be filled out and it had to be postmarked by midnight on the day of sale. It was sent to the county sheriff and there was a 5 day waiting period before the buyer could come back and pick his/her firearm up. Things today have not become as bad YET.

    1. I seen this happen before it was old history now it’s beeing reapeted again it was Natze Germany and it’s PROPAGANDA MACHINE NOW IT’S THE DEMOCRATIC PROPAGANDA MACHINE DO YOU UNDERSTAND FOLKS .


  20. I seen this happen before it was old history now it’s beeing reapeted again it was Natze Germany and it’s PROPAGANDA MACHINE NOW IT’S THE DEMOCRATIC PROPAGANDA MACHINE DO YOU UNDERSTAND FOLKS .

  21. I have read some posts where we are fighting amongst ourselves. This is exactly what they want. Divide and conquer. We must stand strong against Tierney. Those who have committed crimes against others are sick individuals And should never have had a weapon in the first place. We need to stop blaming objects used in these crimes ad start putting blame where it belongs. God help us all.

  22. I feel for the gun owners and sellers in Illinois this is what the Sumpreme Court should be ruling against to put a stop to this unconstitutional crap for good.

  23. So damn glad I left the Socialism of Illinois behind me 24 years ago…
    You think it’s bad … you should see what the Leftist sewer of Lincoln looks like from the free side of the state line!!!

  24. I’m a proud Democrat, but you aren’t taking my guns! Most Democrats I know are armed to the teeth, because Trump’s Tiki Torch Terrorists exist! I’ll keep my guns till white privilege is not yet a sad historical footnote!

    1. Jonathan, So you’re keeping your guns and your Democrat friends are keeping theirs but you’re all voting for politicians that openly promise to strip the 2nd Amendment down to nothing ? Do you ever think about what effect that will have on future generations ? will they even have a chance to enjoy the rights we hold so precious ? This isn’t about you or your friends or the right here and now.

      As far as the Trump tiki torch terrorists go please enlighten me on which party is showing more and more anti semitism ? Which party has for decades been making false promises to black people on how great things will be only to disappear after the votes are counted leaving black people on whats called The Democratic Plantation ? Which party is now making false promises of slave reparations as a lure to get back those voters they’ve been lying to for decades ?

      Which party is working hard to ensure Hispanic people can have an easier time coming here illegally to “live the American Dream ? Does that american Dream mean living in the shadows always waiting to be arrested, working for unfair wages with no workers comp if they get sick or hurt, no recourse for being abused, no ability to build credit to buy a home, etc ? Sounds like slavery to me. Who’s making these promises ? Yep, rich WHITE Democrat politicians, is that the white privilege you speak of ?

    2. With what the Democrat party has become today, anyone who says they are a proud Democrat I feel very sorry for, and who we should be afraid of.
      Saying I am a proud Democrat, then saying to the Democrats that you aren’t taking my guns, is a clear definition of insanity.

  25. The biggest problem is my vote never counts, because no matter how often I vote Republican, my vote is nullified by the Big Bad Blue Machine that runs Chicago, and now, seemingly,IL. We fix that,we won’t have to worry about our guns.

    1. With you on that and to make things worse we have to many RINO’s in Illinois and often the non RINO’s are weak and afraid. The thing that get’s me and I just can’t figure out is why on Earth do people keep voting for politicians and a majority that keeps Madigan in power ?

      This goes beyond gun issues. Even the most hard core anti gun person has to be sick of getting screwed on massive taxes, low quality state services, fees up the a** for everything, bad roads, tolls, etc. Illinois keeps going down the drain but the majority keeps voting for the same thing and the same politicians who continue to make it worse.

  26. We need to ban Prius’s! Electric cars are more likely to hit and inure/ kill pedestrians because they are so quiet… They should all be registered and monitored to protect us citizens!!!

  27. Again another infringement upon our 2nd amendment rights!!! When will the people say enough. These elected and unelected officials are public SERVENTS.We don’t serve them!It’s time they were reminded of this fact. Perhaps in the harshest way possible!

  28. The ISP has posted the rules for gun dealers.

    I doubt there will be 100 dealers left in the state in 2 years if this law is allowed to stand.

    The new rules call for 24/7 monitoring; including the parking lot and the camera’s must be able to record the license plates of the vehicles.

    To do what the State is requiring will put even large dealers of of business.

    This will only help the few big chain stores in Illinois and the rest will be gone.

  29. 0h May all anti gunners that passed this law have a come to Jesus moment and need to have what is hindered and then be refused and probed by city police

    1. I wish everyone in this state and country and the good sense to understand the words you have posted.

      Thank You!

  30. We understand our heritage, (the great Sam Walton who got us all started that is probably rolling in his grave as to how we’ve evolved) our deeply rooted place in America (as we put thousands of independent retailers out of business ruining their livelihoods and that of those associated workers working for much lower pay so we can make billions) as the world’s largest retailer (and slave master.) And we understand the responsibility that comes with it (by continuing to be greedy and uncaring of a people’s right to defend themselves). In a complex situation (of convincing the masses through continuous propaganda tactics) lacking a simple solution (like honoring the Constitution of the United States of America), we are (not) trying to take constructive steps (that our elitist masters tell us) to reduce the risk that events like these will happen again. The stars quo (for citizens of the United States of America to keep and bear arms to protect themselves from all enemies foreign or domestic) is unacceptable to us.

    What is not in parenthesis is a statement by Doug McMillon, President and CEO, WalMart.
    Parenthesis comments are provided to help read through his bullshit statement by this old buzzard.

  31. And here is another reason I gave up my FFL and closed the business. I will not help Illinois build a gun registry data base. The crooked bastards, I can’t wait to get out of here.

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