In recent weeks the Illinois State Rifle Association announced a lawsuit challenging the new Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act.  The new law, passed last legislative session but signed by incoming Governor J.B. Pritzker through highly dubious parliamentary maneuvering was ripe for a challenge.

ISRA filed the suit as an organizational plaintiff and a number of gun shops joined on as individual plaintiffs. 

Now, the Illinois AG Kwame Raoul (pictured above) has moved to dismiss the suit in the preliminary stages.  Of course, that motion is unlikely to be granted, but it never hurts to ask.  After all, if you don’t ask, the answer is automatically a “no.”

The Center Square has the story:

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said a lawsuit challenging the Illinois Gun Dealer License Certification Act is “not ripe for judicial review” and should be dismissed because state police have yet to fully implement the act and that no part of the law has been used to stop dealers from doing business.

The attorney general responded Monday to a lawsuit in Sangamon County Circuit Court filed by several gun stores across the state and the Illinois State Rifle Association.

The association last month sued the state over the law, which requires federally licensed gun dealers in Illinois to get a state license in addition to a federal license. The association and several gun dealers from across the state said rules had not been approved and they didn’t know how much complying with those regulations would cost.

Later in the story…

Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said last week he looked forward to a hearing Sept. 5.

“All of the people in our lawsuit have never sold a gun to a wrong person, have never done anything wrong and yet they’re being punished by the system,” Pearson said.

We’ll keep you up to date after the September 5 hearing.

7 thoughts on “Illinois AG moves to dismiss ISRA Gun Dealer Licensing suit”
  1. Should we expect anything different from a state ran by Bolsheviks?

    We have certain elements of our society that scream racism every time someone disagrees with them, but those same people support laws like the FOID card that was created from Racism. (Hypocrites)

  2. So I moved outta Chitcago because of the COmmie crap. They’ll never see another dime from me, sales taxes, property taxes, employee head taxes, any trickle-down money from any of my employees, etc., parking ticket revenue. NOTHING.

    I’ll be leaving Illinois soon, same reason.

    I’m taking my money, my business, and all future revenues to the state of Illinois with me.

    Fawk you. You deserve what you get.

    Enjoy paying $30,000 per capita for the PENSIONS that are NOW owed. NOT TO MENTION the pensions that are still being promised and yet are still COMPLETELY UNFUNDED.

    Buh bye.

  3. Ooooooohhhhhhh. Nnnoooo. You can’t leave us alone here in Illinois. KEN. Who will be our chief circle jerker if you leave ????

  4. Ok. Now I see why you have been bestowing negative-ness. Upon our loyal contributors KEN you are saying the words so fast you are miss interpreting the true meaning As you said in dumb masses. Ok. But I do hope you’re careful should you ever make it into town. I would dearly hate to hear about you getting runned. Over by a bus

  5. i would not s**t in chi-congo except: from a safe altitude and speed, or using a long & steeply-angled trough originating outside the city/county limits. sorry for you patriots stuck there.

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