Image courtesy USA News Digest
Image courtesy USA News Digest

Spring has arrived, as has the annual homage to gun control by Chicago's political leaders.  Every year, along with the spring flowers, these Chicago politicians trot out to announce all manner of gun control they claim will solve the horrific violence on Chicago's dangerous streets.  I can remember Mayor Daley and Mayor Tiny Dancer both doing the same.  As if generations of strict gun control simple were just one or three more gun control laws from success.

Because gang bangers and criminals will obey the next law.

The same political leaders who have had complete control of the political process for generations.  And have sat on their hands, refusing to tackle the true problems on their streets.  Yes, the same hacks who blame the police, downstate gun owners, out-of-state gun owners, Donald Trump (of course!) and insufficient government nanny-state paternalism were to blame for gangs and criminals victimizing and violating decent, hard-working families and businesses.

The same political leaders who advocate for bail reform to establish "affordable" bail for criminal predators.  Like $525 for stabbing someone three times to get out of jail.  Or $300 to get out of jail after, as a CTA driver, repeatedly raping a handicapped woman on a city bus.  Or $1000 for armed robbery with a firearm.

The same political leaders who look the other way when corrupt, incompetent social justice warrior state's attorneys let home invasion with a firearm suspects walk with probation – even when there's supposed to be a 15-year sentencing enhancement for the use of a firearm in a home invasion.  Oh, that's right:  that sentencing enhancement only applies to white guys who might have voted for Trump.

Yes, at the Thompson Center, Chicago's hack Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson will headline a press conference – in plenty of time to make the evening news – about how we need a quarter billion dollar tax on gun owners, and additional gun control legislation.  As if that would have saved those lives in Aurora where the Illinois State Police failed to follow through on a revoked FOID card that should not have been issued in the first place.

And then Eddie will take his bodyguards and go back to 1 Police Plaze or whatever they call the fancy Chicago Police and Fire HQ.  And then they'll take him home to his merit-promoted wife who he was shagging before they were married (to each other) when she wasn't (allegedly) cheating on promotion exams.

You can read all about it.  Amendment 1 in HB96.

* All firearms transfers must take place through licensed dealers.
*  IF for whatever reason the sale is denied, the dealer will do a background check on you, the seller before returning your gun to you.
* If for whatever reason an instant approval is not received, you don't get your gun back until that happens.
* IN PERSON FOID applications.
* Electronic fingerprints for FOIDs.  That'll cost you $100.  At least.
* Cigarette-style health warnings:

Prior to
25   issuing a Firearm Owner's Identification Card, the Department



    10100HB0096ham001 – 22 – LRB101 02938 SLF 59467 a
1   must provide an applicant with the following statement in
2   printed form: "Warning: The presence of a firearm in the home
3   has been associated with an increased risk of death to self and
4   others, including an increased risk of suicide, death during
5   domestic violence incidents, and unintentional deaths to
6   children and others."

*  Revoked or expired FOIDS:  Police or sheriffs MUST get a warrant and seize all guns and ammo from the residence that the expired/revoked FOID holder has access to —  WITH NO PROVISION FOR THEIR RETURN.  EVER.

* Mandatory fingerprints for CCW renewals.

*  New language to allow police to revoke your Second Amendment rights without due process:

22       The Department may deny an applicant if law enforcement
23   determines that the applicant poses a significant danger of
24   causing bodily injury to himself, herself, or another person in
25   the near future by possessing a concealed firearm. If the
26   applicant has been denied because the Department determines



    10100HB0096ham001 – 32 – LRB101 02938 SLF 59467 a
1   that he or she poses a significant danger to himself, herself,
2   or another person in the near future, the Department shall
3   specify the basis for that determination.

* Class 4 felony to transferring a gun without going through a dealer.  Even if it's your wife, or immediate relative.

And check out this excert from today's Capitol Fax subscriber service.

Meanwhile, Senate negotiators have been working for weeks on a compromise FOID card bill with groups including the Illinois State Rifle Association.  ISRA has been a willing negotiator on selected issues in the past, including the state's "Red Flag" law and expanding the 72-hour waiting period to purchase firearms beyond handguns.

A willing negotiator?  Hmm.



12 thoughts on “DOG AND PONY SHOW: Gun Control political rally in Chicago today”
  1. I escaped from Illinois taking my firearms and my FOID & CCL cards with me.  Will the new resident of my old home be getting a visit from LEO's looking for my firearms?  I know there must be many others that left the state or just moved, temporarily, or just got rid of their firearms, who’s FOID card will expire.  There will be many LEO's running around looking for over due library cards  FOID CARDS.


    1. I am sure many Illinois FOID card holders die every year too….just wondering how that would play out for the new occupant or spouse of the deceased FOID card holder.

  2. As long as R.P is in charge I will not rejoin. Saying this for years. ISRA members would be hate to see him and his comments during closed door meetings.



  3. A lot of evil coming out of Chicago.

    Gun Control and open borders are a product of the Chicago machine

    1. Much truth to your words but try to move on from Glenn Beck. There’s better out there.

  4. I was listening to a talk show and the guest said he had sources that claimed that in the future several nukes would be set-off in the USA.

    If something like that were to happen, no one is going to care about something coming out of chitcago or stupid FOID cards laws.
    P>S. the source has a history of being right.

  5. “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.” — Some old Roman dude

    Most Illinois citizens know that is true. Especially the corrupters.

  6. The problem is these democrats. They want to kill babies. They want to legalize. Drugs. And gambling on sports. They. Are. The problem. Get rid of Democrats and out problems will go away. Not become worse.

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