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Illinois has a new Attorney General, Kwame Raoul. He rose to fame by filling Barack Obama's former Illinois State Senate seat way back when. And now he's bringing his equally far-left perspective to his statewide office as the Land of Lincoln's top prosecutor.  And he's trotted out a familiar message from the Democrat Party playbook

Regarding Chicago's infamous crime problems he told Illinois News Network:

“We cannot prosecute and incarcerate our way out of the gun violence impacting many communities across the state," Raoul said.

Sound familiar, right? 

"We can't just drill our way to lower gas prices."

Except that's not true.  Not for gas prices and definitely not for violent crime.

Florida's 10-20-Life sentencing enhancement law brought the Sunshine State's firearm violent crime rate down to historic lows. Under that statute, offenders with a gun in a violent crime get ten extra years of hard time. No probation, no parole, no plea deals. Just hard time. Discharging the gun earns them 20 years extra hard time on top of the sentence for the underlying crime. Injuring someone with gunfire buys 'em 25 years to life.

Illinois, on the other hand, has a revolving door criminal justice system. Offenders like violent, gun-toting home invaders are sentenced to…thirty months probation. This particular home invader's probation curfew, via electronic home monitoring, was lifted a few months after it began. Two weeks later, cops say he murdered an off-duty Chicago Police Officer and wounded another person.

This (alleged) cop killer's case isn't the only home invader armed with a gun who received probation in Cook County, either.

And Prairie State politicians wonder why we have a crime problem.

But Illinois' Attorney General says we can't prosecute and incarcerate our way out of the city's horrendous gun gang violence problem. That's more than a little reminiscent of Democrat claims that we couldn't drill our way out of high gasoline prices.

All you have to do to fight these problems is actually want to solve them.  Illinois hard-left Democrat Attorney General Raoul apparently has no stomach for that.

20 thoughts on “HACK: Illinois AG Kwame Raoul – ‘We cannot prosecute and incarcerate our way out of gun violence’”
  1. We do not need any more NRA double speak BS. This nonsense of we need to enforce the law crap or we need new stronger laws, is the wrong approach.

    We need to restore the checks and balances by repealing gun control laws and have constitutional carry.

    Others are also saying we can not vote our way our of trouble 


    Why is it the NRA types cant figure this out. More gun control is NEVER the answer! 


    1. If your going to void gun control and have constituional carry you have to be fluent in double speak, Hoss. It's the language of idiots, politicians and the coruupt media who mostly all lack decency.

      Support the glorious NRA, GOA, GSL, SAF, ISRA.

      To preserve liberty vote against all liberals in 2020. Otherwise this moment in time is just hang fire and you're staring at the muzzle.


  2. Illinois Attorney General is a bald black guy. Illinois sent a gay black man to the White House. Illinois biggest city just elected a black lesbian mayor. It's over folks it's just over.

    1. Who really cares about their sexual orientation?  I'm more concerned about their attitudes towards personal freedom and liberty.

      So long as they aren't molesting children, I could care less who they sleep with at night.  Or any other time.

    2. At the national meeting on gun rights last year, there were two gay pro gun groups there that are working to organize gay gun owners and to bring more gay people into gun ownership. I'm always interested in expanding the pro gun base, and as a Libertarian could care less what people choose as a lifestyle.

    3. So…… Is this a gay support group now or what? There is an awful lot of talk about gay things for a gun rights forum. 

    4. In general, I agree. Except, when they get into a political office and start promoting/demanding/enforcing allowing men to use women's restrooms and all of the other LGBTQXYZ crap that is ruinous to society. They would also tend to be of the ilk such that they support all kinds of gun control.

      One might also say the same thing about religion, that you don't care what religion a person is. Well, we've found out what happens when muslims get elected to office. Look at the two female muslim bufoons currently in congress. And look at the big one we had in the White House. It can matter.

  3. Even Barry knew how to fix the so called gun violence…Barack Obama said, "We know what to do. We've got to enforce the gun laws that are on the books."

    Chicongo failing justice sys..cwbchiago.com


  4. We can’t prosecute our way out of gun violence but be can pass new laws which target law abiding gun owners and prosecute them and that will somehow fix the gun violence problem. 



  5. Law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician, backed by the force of arms.

    We need to follow Gods law and not mans law. The FOID card is mans law. The only thing that law is good for is to allow someone in government to know where you live for future confiscation. Such laws have NO place in this state or country.

    *A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order, will lose both, and deserve neither.  [Thomas Jefferson]


    This isn't new for radical Dems. Look at all the prison shows on TV as is on A&E including the long running program that was on MSNBC. These liberals make icons of criminals by giving them a top role on their own shows. Ha!

    Logic and reason absent in these faulty thinkers' mind. Who gives thugs their own television shows? They have complete sympathy for the burglar of your home, the rapist of your sister, the carjacker of your neighbor, the gangster that shot up his rival, the thug that pulled a .45 on you. Their crimes are not their fault. It's our fault for not taking better care of them from cradle to grave (or prison).  Ahhhh. The poor misunderstood recidivist. There, there.

  7. If they put the thugs  in prison for several years, are we not saved from their violence?   Makes sense to me to seoerate the bad actors from guns by locking them up. 

  8. Illinois is a communist state. We dont need FOID cards or carry permits. The constitution gave us our right to bear arms. If anything every home should be issued a rifle and its occupants trained to use it. Sweeden does and its not a problem. Chicago should be its own state. The dems and liberals of Chicago need the down state money to support them. The Illinois state system has become corrupt just like Chicago. Why are we losing so many jobs and people?

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    1. Criminals are the perpetrators of violence, please refer to violence as CRIMINAL VIOLENCE, NOT “gun” violence, words mean things and the anti-gun anarchists want all to demonize guns (firearms) to promote their anti-firearm agenda. Turn it back on them by ALWAYS referring to CRIMINAL violence as criminal violence, they are the ones who coddle the criminals and that will never change the actions of criminals.

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