In a state where more and more downstate cities, counties and sheriffs are vowing to make their domains "gun sanctuaries," we received two troubling reports from East Central, Illinois.  Each claimed that at least one police officer in Paxton, and possibly another in Gibson City, boasted they would make a felony arrest for anyone carrying a TASER or stun gun, even after the Illinois Supreme Court struck down Illinois' ban on carrying stun guns as unconstitional.

The first report was a third-handed report.  The second one, made by a GSL member, was more specific, but the member refused to give the officer's name.  He said the Paxton cop was "a good guy" and that he didn't want to get this boastful cop in trouble.

Fair enough.

At Guns Save Life, we defend your right to defend yourself.  After receiving these reports, we made contact with the police chiefs of the two respective cities.  Both chiefs promptly returned our message.

Chief Adam Rosendahl from Gibson City assured me that both he and his officers are well aware of the new change in the law on TASERS and stun guns.  He gave a nod to Ford County State's Attorney Tony Lee for keeping everyone up to speed on changes in the law.  At worst, the GCPD chief said that an officer might generate a report about an individual with a stun gun/TASER, but no enforcement action would occur.  After all, at the present time, no law prohibits carrying these electronic self-defense tools.

Chief Coy Cornett of Paxton indicated via email that his department is fully aware of the change in the law.  He indicated that he didn't believe any of his officers have discussed the matter with others outside the department.

Clearly though, if I've received two reports of exactly that happening, someone is talking.

In either event, after my query, I'm pretty sure Chief Cornett will ensure his team does not take any action when encountering someone with a stun gun.

Also, someone sent me this:


While the message posted could have been crafted more clearly, I think it's spot on.  The Illinois General Assembly could pass new legislation restricting these devices to some degree at some point in the future.  We'll keep an eye out for just that.

In the meantime, anyone can carry these devices now for lawful purposes.  The biggest risk they would face, however, is running into a law enforcement officer unaware of the recent Illinois Supreme Court case.  However, Paxton PD and Gibson City PD both seem like professionally run departments that have squared away chiefs. 

So carry on, as they say.

7 thoughts on “Felony Arrest threats from Gibson City, Paxton PDs are nothing but rumors”
  1. I seem to remember a bunch of guys crawling up my ass when I missed the little hook on the end of a p that made it an a or something like that a month or so ago. At least I know who Ford County State's Attorney is! And people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

  2. This is an area that if one does not consider the politics of deweaponizing the public, makes no sense. My wife has her Illinois concealed carry permit which originally limited her to deadly force responses in Illinois, but in Kentucky she had the right to carry brass knuckles, blackjack, stun gun, switchblade knife, as well as any and all impact weapons based on ccp reciprocity. 

    She was always dismayed that she didn't have less lethal options in Illinois. This ruling helps, but does not solve the whole problem.

    I am always amazed that even many gun owners react negatively to brass knuckles and blackjacks, and sometimes even collapsible batons. Every tool has its place and has a job it does very well. Yes, these tools can be misused by bad people and they can be dangerous in the hands of the untrained, but this same problem exists with firearms and chainsaws.

    I would aspire for all of these to be legal and that anyone desiring to carry any of these be responsible enough to get the proper training in their use.

    1. You are right Chance. The criminals have the advantage of surprise and will use anything they wish to regardless of the laws. We are the ones who are worried most about defending ourselves legally!

  3. Regarding that reference to switchblades above, and unless the law changed again since, the ban on swichblades was repealed by Rauner in 2017 making it legal to possess and carry mechanical knives, swithcblades with a valid FOID.

    1. I believe, but might be wrong, that one can purchase a switchblade with a FOID card, but can only carry one with a Concealed Carry Permit. Does someone know better?

      It is going to be interesting if the decision regarding the FOID card is upheld. I wonder what they will do about the switchblade law? I'm also wondering what ISP will do about the InstaChecks since they are not currently set up for driver's licenses as a source of ID.

    2. I know PD's are not a good source for info on switchblade law unless the officer is a knife guy. Chance. I'm not but it's in ILCS somewhere. As for carrying one I just recall seeing a FOID was all that was needed.

      It is going to be interesting. Gun owners have their hopes up and dreaming sweet dreams with this recent upsurge in positive judicial rulings and the upcoming SCOTUS case. Wouldn't it be good to have threats of felony removed from Liberty's back?

    3. Don't need a CCW to carry them.

      Legal to own/possess/carry with FOID.

      Subject to local restrictions, of course.


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