Salon Magazine, never much of a bastion of the ideals voiced in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, seems to think that re-enacting past tyrannies stands as the means to the end of violence. As such, they have concluded that home defense rifles are "insane."

As proof of this, they hold up a trivial nation that nobody can find on a map. One that has no Second Amendment (or First, for that matter). Still, we should follow their lead in stripping our citizens of their rights following a terror attack they suffered. Because when government can't protect its citizens, the logical step is to strip them of the ability to protect themselves.

In their article, 'Assault rifles are insane: New Zealand came to its senses and banned them. When will we?', the Salon brain trust:

You want to know what’s insane? The guns we allow to be manufactured and sold in this country that are capable of killing 20 grade school kids, or 17 high school students and teachers, or 58 concertgoers, or 50 worshipers at mosques in a country thousands of miles from our shores. The assault rifles those shooters used are killing machines. That’s all they are. There is blood on the hands of the NRA and the United States Congress and state legislatures in all 50 states because they allow this shit to go on. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s insane.

Because in the days of Braveheart when the common man remained debarred of the use of weapons, the world was a peace-filled, loving and nurturing place.


Looking back, now I see why the NBC News people were so hot to interview me about the "military" marketing of AR-15s earlier this week. Their interest cooled dramatically, though, when I told them that people don't buy America's favorite rifle to play soldier.

To Salon's question: How about the 31st of never.

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  1. A a former Kiwi that by the grace of God was able to gain US citizenship if they do here what they are doing in New Zealand I will fight, the Second Amendment is an issue of freedom, one worth fighting for, killing for, dying for.

  2. Writer is an ignorant person as they do not know what a real Assault rifle is!

    Are in this case stands for Armalite Rifle and is in a wrong chambering

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