Are you ready?  The anti-gun folks in the Illinois General Assembly have come out with the Aurora Gun Omnibus "Pro-Gun" Safety bill.  You like the title?  It's pro-gun!  Who can be opposed to pro-gun safety, right?

It's tentative, but here's the highlight of the contents.

  • Increase the FOID card fee from $10 for 10 years to $50 for 5 years.  That's a 1000% fee hike. 
  • Require local law enforcement to get a warrent to seize FOID card and firearms from household of anyone who has failed to comply with revocation order.
  • Fail to comply with a revocation order becomes a felony.
  • ISP can deny or revoke a FOID card for anyone charged with making a terrorist threat or material support for terrorism.  A terrorist threat could be as simple as "I'm gonna blow this place up!" Or this…

Connecticut Against Gun Violence

  • Mandatory fingerprinting for FOID and carry license applications.  That'll cost you about $100 or more.  And multiply that times 2.5 million FOID holders, that's a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLAR TAX to own guns.
  • Mandatory in-person FOID applications.  So you think the Illinois Secretary of State's customer service sucks, wait until you have to take a number and stand/sit in line for hours on end to get a FOID card.  Or a renewal.
  • Makes failure to call in a private gun sale a felony.  There is currently no penalty for failure to comply. 

You still think you don't need to go to Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day next Wednesday?

C'mon.  Get off the couch.  Take a day off work and come to Springfield.  This is some really important stuff going down.


39 thoughts on “Illinois “Omnibus” Gun Control Bill Set To Drop: 1000% FOID fee hike, shorten FOID term, felonies…”
  1. The goal is disarmament of the population.

    Statute by statute, regulation by regulation, deceptions upon deceptions, lies upon lies, infringement upon infringement to fatigue and wear out the law-abiding gun owner, one by one, into compliance after compliance with the ultimate outcome being that the gun owner will just give up their constitutional right to gun ownership because it's just too much shit to go through.

    Engage the Antis! Join NRA, GOA, SAF, GSL, ISRA!


    1. LOL! Yup. I'm sure if they could make it sound something like "The People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Illinois" – "Comrade J.D. Pritzker, Commissar-in-Chief".

  2. See what you FOID card loving Muther fokers in the isra have done. G0d Dam YOU

    I have told you half-wits the FOID card is bad law but some of you fokers want more law.

    The gun lobby a-holes created the FOID card law..

    Well how's the FOID card working out for you now

  3. If this goes through. And is passed. I predict civil insurrection may result, against this state. Enough is enough. This must be stopped.

  4. I am against violence. I love my country and I love the second amendment because it makes state violence against the people less likely.  See Venezuela…

  5. Illinois politicians don't give a damn about you. Laws DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS! Criminals, by their very nature, do not obey the law, so what good does another pointless law do, absolutely nothing. As for Illinois voters, you'd be hard pressed to find a dumber group of people. Just look at who they elect to represent them!

  6. This states fucked..  But those of you saying it sucks to live in illinois. Or glad i dont live there or time to leave.  Your the fucking problem there super chief.  These states are test grounds . you cant confiscate and regulate in mass. They realize that . So 1 state at a time and soon itll be your state.     

    1. What's the alternative?  Chicagoland is making laws for the entire state.  The state's broke because of mismanagement, and this is the thing all of these people in power are focused on instead?  Why, because they can keep using it to get reelected.  I'm moving to somewhere where my vote actually matters.  The taxes in this state (especially in cook county) are literally 10 times what they are in places with better laws!  What exactly do you think people should be doing that say they're going to move?

    2. Here’s an idea, the law abiding should stop paying taxes all at once, take up arms and form militias. The IRS can’t arrest the entire downstate all at once for not paying taxes. Chicago would starve. Stop providing food and cut off all routes into Chicago. Then sit back and watch them eat themselves. Then go after and remove by force of civil war the socialist left tyrant traders to the United States of America. Running will get you no where. Eventually they will catch up to you and do the same thing there. I left Illinois a few years ago and now face the same shit in this state. The left/Democrats are everywhere!

      Hate to say it but the time is well gone to rely on a vote. You can’t fix this with the pen. It’s time to use the sword. Not willing to pick up a sword and fight, then don’t complain anymore. Surrender and live by their rules. 

    3. The nail has been hit on the head with the hammer. absolutely correct, and all the people running from the problem only makes the problem worse. Cowardice gains nothing against a bully…….


      To the people leaving and crying as they go (cowards) good riddance…….I wouldn't trust you to have my 6 anyway. To those bold and robust enough to stay and fight, be prepared and stay awakened.

    4. I'm leaving as soon as humanly possible but I can assure you its not cowardice.Its called being able to carry,hunt,fish right outside the back door of my new home on my property,all the while slowly the weaslth here will exit as well leaving the economic vacuum to be replaced by people seeking the sanctuary policies this pos state is going to continue to adopt.I run from nothing.I run to a peaceful fulfilling life of my choosing.These things we will soon resent will not go away because you stood up but because things got so bad that there were more of those that said ,"hell no!"

      This is not the case now and won't be for 10-15 years atleast.

      You,me,your neighbor,your boss,your sons friends family,we are all surrounded by stupidity.The forever blind.

      You're out numbered 500 to 1.And will be for a very long time.You need to be where there are fewer liabilities and when they finally get to our new neck of the woods they are fewer in number and more easily countered.

      Cowardice,never! Smart always! Theres nothing to fight for here! What?high taxes,more costly sanctuary policies,fewer jobs as businesses and corporations beging to move their headquarters.I dont want to be where they are or where they're going.The stupid liberal masses will follow. My family no longer calls Illinois home,why?

      You dont have to hug your opposition after you pull every pin on your vest,you can just leave it and all the bullshit behind,trust me,it'll go off all on its own of their own doing.

      Some are stuck….jobs,family,local businesses that cant be sold yet or possibly ever. Some dont have those circumstances.

      I am not one of them,see ya round kids.

  7. This is just going to make criminals out of law abiding people.  Do they really think criminals have food cards, or CC cards. This needs to stop.

  8. I'm out of here in September! I won't have to deal with this liberal f**kery anymore. 

    1. Just remeber you can only run so far. Remember the taste of forced liberalism……. It will find you again someday…… Unless people have the resolve to stand up, instead of turn and run.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous to impose such fees on gun owners. Why should law abiding citizens have to bear a financial burden like this? Its WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

  10. If making a threat is bad there are several democraps that need to be arrested…

    I'm not staying here. Fuck this POS state.

    Last stand will be in TEXAS.

    Then Americans will be killing Americans, all so the libtards can take over the country.

  11. More proof you can't fix stupid. My question is to those who say stay and fight. HOW. You can't stop a rolling tank with a bb gun. I have been to IGOLD and had my fellon rep call me back to complain about me harassing his employee. He was tp stupid to understand HE was my employee. The only solution her is to cut off the head of the snake. seperate the state.

  12. When anti-2A proposals and laws are rapid fired off like this by the unAmerican Chicagoland Democrats it is clear and unambiguous infringement and curtailment of that amendment. We can always tell.

    Luckily there is a case going before the Supreme Court this fall that could deal a hard blow to the usurpation by all these tyrannical Democrats (and RINO's) of this amendment. Even if so, these tyrants will clog up the courts just to make your life as a lawful gun owner more complex, difficult and puzzling. But a favorable SCOTUS ruling will place the Antis back in their pen.

    Scoundrel Democrats always hang their infringement efforts upon the words of Justice Scalia in his Heller v. DC opinion where he said something cloudy to the effect that some 2A regulation was acceptable blah, blah, blah. Hopefully this SCOTUS will make clear what constitutes the Law, which is what the Second Amendment is, and, what constitutes infringement by states, cities, towns thereby making it more difficult for states, cities, towns to pass strict gun control laws. Hopefully SCOTUS will deal a deadly blow to the gun control despots.

    But you still need to support the only games in town. Like the ones that pushed Illinois into Conceal Carry. NRA and others is one funding the SCOTUS case this fall.

    The one to watch is NYSRPA v. the City of New York coming this October to your Supreme Court!

    Support NRA, GOA, GSL, ISRA, SAF!

  13. Why must the licensed card holders constantly be punshed for the act of unlicensed criminals? I do not agree with or supprt those politicians actions against card holders.  Why don't they ban criminals from owning, I am sure they will all comply!


  14. I for one have been  in  the  road  block to renew  mine.  I am so mad. I've  never  been  arrested  for  anything.  And I can't  get  my  foid card renewed. Gov of Illinois  and our lawmakers  r going  to get us one way or another. Get ready. It's  over for the  hunters.  Guess they forgot about  all  that  they make off of them.  RATS 

  15. Everyday I pray Psalms 69:24 an “Imprecatory Prayer”

    I start by drawing a cross on my forehead with my finger and I say “Father I pray on the Speaking power of the Blood of the Crucifixion, that you “Pour Out Thine Indignation upon Them, and Let Thy Wrathful Anger Take Hold of Them”.

    I name the People [godless democrats] in the prayer that are taking our guns, killing babies and sexualizing our children.  I then finish by saying “In the name of Yeshu  [Jesus] I pray, Amen

    The state of Illinois violates Gods Law, supports draconian gun control, abortion and the sexualizing of our children; they no longer are an honest broker or a trusted custodian of the immunities and privileges of the people of Illinois and have a moral right to continue.

  16. Chicago is “No Longer” an American city; it has been taken over by cultural Marxist from South of the Border.

     The Polish and Irish [European] settlers that made Chicago a great city, for the most part have now been replaced. [The Kalergi Plan]

     These people have no cultural connection to the Founding of our nation or our state. Far too many are here for a free ride. Every week we have shootings in Chicago spurred on by an on going turf war driven by a battle for territory, yet innocent people [gun owners] are blamed.

     Chicago is a failed city and the cultural Marxist now in power are dragging the rest of the state.  [Illinois maybe lost as a state]

     We have never needed the FOID card law or the 1968 GCA. Any continued support for these laws is wrong.

     I know some will leave Illinois and for awhile those people will have some relief; but if gun owners do not stay active and participate in the election process, the Cultural Marxist will ruin every state in the Union.

     There is actually a debate in the patriot community that we need to support the most leftist candidates possible to expedite the collapse of our nation, to bring about a civil war.   4-6 PM CST Mon-fri  [to listen use SamCloud] 

    I will not pretend to know the future but I have to hope calmer heads will prevail and this Marxist nonsense will be stopped in its tracks.

    A REPEAL THE FOID Bill should be introduced in the GA

    1. Repeal the presence of (((subversive))) elements within our society. Repeal the 19th and 14th Amendments. Repeal anything supporting or acknowledging the state of Israel. Nothing can be fixed with subversives existing and emotionally-driven/hostile groups working against us with the sanction of law.

    2. Get metro Chicago declared an independent district,  like Washington DC, and maybe get our state back, repeal the laws that are strangling IL, and make this a great place to live again.

  17. Wow how stupid unbelievable just like the corruption in our state no surprise here time to leave…

  18. This is a bill put to be voted on. This isnt the law yet. Do you know how many rediculous bills get passed overz or modified? There are always idiots posting bills that get shut down, or modified and then later loose their steam. I see no reason to be rediculously angry about something that will not come to pass. 

  19. This is FOID related, a message I just sent my Representative about FOID hell:

    Mr. Shimkus:


    I paid for my FOID card renewal on 1-28-19 and finished my application.  The Illinois State Police have 30 days to approve or disapprove the application. My repeated calls to the ISP FOID customer service at 217 782-7980 were unanswered.  My FOID card expired 3-1-19 and I have been without it since, unable to exercise my uninfringeable 2nd Amendment right. EVERYTHING I've experienced has violated my rights.  No protection, no purchasing of firearms/ammo, ready to be arrested by the oath keepers for not having a piece of paper.  I emailed Pritzer's office, but he wrote back if nothing changed in 30 days, give him a call back.  He ran on an anti-2nd Amendment platform, so I have little confidence I rank high on his priority list of constituents. 


    I finally see that today my application has been approved, so now I have to wait another unconstitutional 7-10 days to receive my physical ID card.  God, those founders were so wise and our current politicians so corrupt.

    Mr. Shimkus, do something to make my state free again!  Constitutional open and concealed carry already!



  20. Time to amend the Illinois Consttitution to set up new General Assembly districts. No more Gerrymandering. Each county elects 2 represenatatives and one senator. With that simple change no more Madiganastan!

    1. That is a good idea and it would work, if the clowns in Chicago would go along with the plan

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