WATE of Knoxville, Tennessee breathlessly reports that HUNDREDS of red-clad Moms Demand Action members packed a hearing at the Volunteer State capital. The moms showed up against a proposal to make carry licenses more affordable for Tennesseans.

The only problem for the local news outlet? WATE's own video betrayed the 'fake' in their utterly fake news report.

The story from WATE:

Several hundred people in red t-shirts wanted their voices heard today on Tennessee's Capitol Hill.

The group called Moms Demand Action on Gun Violence in America packed a House sub-committee meeting on Wednesday to rally against a bill that could change the state's handgun permit process, making it easier to carry in Tennessee.

"The intention of the legislation is generally to provide a lower-cost alternative for a concealed carry handgun permit," explained House sponsor Rep. Andy Holt. "It would create an enhanced carry permit, which would be the current permit that we have right now. In addition to that, if the legislation were to pass, then at that point we would create a concealed-only handgun carry permit, which can be achieved at a lower cost."

"Several hundred" packed the room? Here's the video. You decide.

I counted barely a dozen people wearing the red "Moms Demand Action" t-shirts, bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg, along with about as many empty seats.

Why do the fake news media willingly carry water for those opposed to protecting and defending basic civil rights?

And the media wonder why Americans don't trust them anymore. Donald Trump has made the expression "fake news" a household phrase in America and for good reason.

At the same time, the fake news media wonder why everyday people continue to de-platform from television and dead tree news outlets. And that's why CBS employees are panicked over that network's plans for $100 million in cuts.

Lots of fake news media members better learn to code.

One thought on “FAKE NEWS: ‘Hundreds’ of Demanding Moms really but a few at Tennessee statehouse”
  1. You cannot trust national "news" outlets. You cannot trust local "news" outlets. If you notice even local "news" is nothing more than stories and reporting about "social justice" issues or issues that are of concern to the liberal mindset. One right after another. Sometimes they surprise you with something that isn't useless information (but that is rare). You really do not get much actual relevant, honest news from local stations. Not even the papers.

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