Well, folks, that didn't take long.  The jury in the Knox County, IL murder trial of James Love came back with NOT GUILTY.  Not only did they acquit the 59-year-old respected farmer, they didn't even drag out deliberations long enough for a free lunch.  Yes, it took them barely an hour to select a jury foreman and then vote on guilt or innocence.  And then return to court to announce it.

The Galesburg Register-Mail has the story.

GALESBURG — Jurors delivered a verdict of not guilty on all counts after 75 minutes of deliberation this morning in the James Love murder trial.

Both Love and Melissa Kelly, the mother of Xavier Hartman, 19, who died in the June 2018 shooting, declined comment through attorneys after the verdict was handed down by the jury and read by Circuit Associate Judge Anthony Vaupel.

Afterwards, Knox County Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Kerr said, “While we disagree with the jury’s verdict, we respect the jury’s decision.”

In a follow-up, Kerr said this was not a “loss” for the state’s attorney’s office. “It’s more of a loss for Xavier than anything else … not for myself or the state’s attorney’s office, but for Xavier.”

Defense attorney Todd Ringel also spoke to the media afterward and gave credit to Circuit Associate Judge Anthony Vaupel for the way the trial went, which did not include any outbursts from the audience.

…With that, Vaupel read the jury instructions, which included that if the jury believed there was a mitigating factor Love could be found guilty of second-degree murder.

That is if the jury believed the “defendant believes circumstances exist that would justify use of force, but that belief is unreasonable,” Vaupel read to the jury.

Deliberations began at 10:31 a.m. today. The jury was out about 75 minutes.

There's a lot more at the Galesburg Register-Mail

6 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY! James Love NOT GUILTY of Murder”
  1. Congrats, Mr. Love, I hope he can persue a lawsuit for malicious persecution. Maybe civil rights violations? May God bless a fair jury.


  2. IMO, these types of prosecutions/persecutions are a civil rights violation. This prosecution is reminiscent of what they do in all self-defense incidents in Massachusetts; to make an example of gun owners and disuade them from being gun owners by ruining them financially and emotionally.

    You can be sure that Mr. Love is currently in debt with attorney's fees in the six figure range unless he has CCW Safe or Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network, etc., membership and they provided assistance.

    Prosecutors enjoy a great amount of discretion and a great amount of immunity. It's called "Qualified immunity" and has be upheld by the SCOTUS. Mr. Love would be wasting his time and money suing. But hey! The voters in Jacksonville booted out Angela Corey after Zimmerman so maybe they'll remember this SA at the polls if he runs as the chief prosecutor next election.

    Secure LIberty!! Complete your Witness Slips today!!


  3. Get the ACLU involved, I'm SURE they would fight for Mr. Love's constitutional rights /
    ( sarc)

  4. I afraid that this will happen again.  The anti-gunners do not want us in Illinois.  Anything they can do to get us to move out will be used and used often!  The gun dealer law will drive dealers of all sizes out of business, not just the little ones.  The AWB and Social media bill are just the beginning.  

    1. I wouldn't be so downtrodden about the anti-gunners here in Illinois. But these prosecutions will happen again and again. I'd advise getting some sort of coverage or what is termed "Self-Defense or 2A Insurace". If you're a gun owner you need protections from these Anti-2A zealots. The three most viable "insurers" are  Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network, CCW Safe or USCCA. Though I love the NRA and am a member, NRA Carry Guard is not what gun owners need.

      And as for the Anti-gunners of Illinois? All I have to say is thank God we're in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which gave us Concealed Carry.due to Shepard v. Madigan. And thank God SCOTUS has agreed to hear NYSPRA v City of New York…could be landmark and hand a major defeat to the Anties.

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